Flaviar Blends Seven Craft Bourbons with its Latest Release

The good folks at Flaviar are at it again. Tapping the full power of their industry-wide connections, the iconic spirits club has produced its very first bourbon. Blending seven different straight bourbons from seven different craft distilleries from seven different states, Corn Trooper 2020 unifies flavours and competitors alike. Bottled at 101 proof, it’s as […]

Cozy Veggie Korma Recipe – Pinch of Yum

Let the record show: if I could eat this creamy, cozy, veggie korma for every cold-weather meal, I’d be a very happy person. (Which, honestly, is kind of what I’ve been doing lately. A little here for lunch, a little there for dinner, a little the next day with some added paneer because I love […]

Venice Critics’ Week Taps Beatrice Fiorentino as Chief After Giona Nazzaro Goes to Locarno

Italian film critic and academic Beatrice Fiorentino has been appointed new general delegate of the Venice Film Festival’s Critics’ Week, the Lido’s independently run section dedicated to promising first works from around the world. Fiorentino — who was previously a member of the section’s selection committee — had been widely expected to replace her predecessor […]