All maps, levels and minigames in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

People spend years of their lives practicing for Ninja Warrior and similar competitions, so it’s only fair that we give Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout the same respect. If you want to know all the maps, levels and minigame types in Fall Guys, we can help you out. We’ve checked all the currently included levels and competition types, listing them all below and explaining what you’ll need to do to win each.

All maps, levels and minigames in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

As of the second season, there are 29 different levels in Fall Guys, split into four main categories: Race, Survival, Team, and Final. Every game starts with a Race level, moving on to further Races, Survival or Team games depending on the number of players. The last round is always one of the Final games, in which only one person can be crowned the winner. If Mediatonic adds more modes, we’ll do our best to keep this list updated to include them all.

Navigate an obstacle course to qualify for the next round.

  • Dizzy Heights: Race across spinning platforms to reach the finish line.

Stay alive until the time runs out or enough players are eliminated.

  • Hit Parade: Dodge between obstacles as your race to the finish line.
  • Door Dash: Avoid fake doors as you race to the finish line.
  • Gate Crash: Dodge through moving doors as your race to the finish line.
  • Tip Toe: Avoid fake tiles and find the hidden path to the finish line.
  • The Whirlygig: Dodge spinning beams, hammers, and fans as you race to the finish line.
  • Slime Climb: Outrun a rising pool of slime as you race through obstacles to the finish line.
  • Fruit Chute: Dodge falling fruit as you race up a conveyor belt to the finish line.
  • Knight Fever: Avoid giant scythes and swinging beams as you cross a lengthy medieval course.
  • Wall Guys: Grab and drag blocks to build paths over increasingly high walls.
    • Jump Club: Jump over the spinning beam and avoid falling off.

    Make sure your team doesn’t have the lowest score in a variety of game types.

  • Roll Out: Move between rotating rings to avoid falling off.
  • Block Party: Avoid the walls and stay on the platform.
  • Perfect Match: Match the icon on the screen to avoid falling.
  • Tail Tag: Some players start with tails. Make sure you grab one when the time runs out.
  • Hoopsie Legends: A race to score six points and qualify by jumping through hoops. Gold hoops are instant qualification.
    • Egg Scramble: Put the most eggs in your team’s basket before the time runs out.

    Prove your worth by winning the final game.

  • Egg Siege: Season 2’s take on Egg Scramble features much deeper egg baskets, making it harder to steal from each other.
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll: Push a giant ball through an obstacle course
  • Fall Ball: Score goals by rolling giant balls into your opponent’s net.
  • Team Tail Tag: Make sure your team has more tails than the others when the time runs out.
  • Jinx: Make sure the opposing team is fully jinxed before yours.
  • Hoopsie Daisy: Jump and dive through hoops to score more points for your team within a time limit.
  • Hoarders: Keep balls in your team’s zone when the time runs out.
    • Fall Mountain: Race to the top of the mountain and grab the crown.

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