BISSELL air320 Smart Air Purifier Review

In our search for the perfect whole-house air cleaner, we couldn’t overlook the BISSELL Air320 air purifier. Read on to discover why this is the ideal unit for large rooms.

BISSELL air320 Smart Air Purifier

Designed for large spaces measuring up to 1000 sq. ft., the BISSELL Air320 is the perfect whole-house air purifier. This 5-speed device boasts an automated CirCulate System that studies and provides real-time information regarding the quality of air in your indoor space. It’s fitted with light sensors that turn on the night mode automatically.

  • Designed for large spaces
  • Automatic air inspection
  • Automatic night mode
  • Features a functional design
  • Comes with five fan speeds
  • Supports Bissell Pet Foundation
  • Washable pre-filter
  • Cord storage
    • Doesn’t come with a child lock

    Quick Specs:

    • Recommended Room Size: Up To 1000 Sq. Ft.

    Construction and Design

    If you’re scouting for a large air purifier that will cleanse your living space while complementing your décor, we highly recommend the BISSELL Air320 air purifier. This device features a rectangular shape finished with a white exterior and a subtle gray color on the front, which allows it to blend effortlessly in your space.

  • Mode: Auto/Sleep
  • Fan Speed Options: 5
  • Timer: None
  • Sensor: PM 2.5
  • Captures: Pollen, Dander, VOCs, Dust, Odors, Smoke
  • Indoor Quality Feedback: Yes
  • Ozone Free: Yes
  • Filter Replacement Costs: $38.32 (Carbon Filter) + $38.95 (HEPA)
    • The BISSELL Air320 air purifier stands on four faux legs that raise it above the ground
    • A rectangular pre-filter is mounted at the front, making the entire unit appear like an old-timey radio
    • This unit also comes with cord storage that enhances its neatness significantly
    • We loved the digital display on the control panel that goes a long way in adding a modern flair to the unit’s otherwise vintage design
    • Height— 25 inches
    • Width— 14.75inches
    • Length— 8.3 inches
    • Weight— 18.25 lbs

    Purification Level and Type of Filter

    BISSELL Air320 comes with 3-stage filtration system that ensures efficient removal of 99.97% of airborne pollutants in your indoor environment. These filters perform different jobs:

    In our opinion it is one of the top quality air purifier; our 40 hours of testing proved that this unit has the ability to remove and purify the air.

    We did a smoke odor testing by smoking a full cigarette in a 150 sqft room, and noticed that this unit was able to remove and purify the air within 5 minutes after. We used a third party sensor to confirm the air quality.

    Furthermore, as we took apart this air purifier we found:

    This one is used for capturing visible particles and prevents them from clogging the inner filters

    This is the second line of defense that is used with trapping airborne pollutants measuring 0.03 microns. These include pollen, pet dander, and dust

    This comes in handy when looking to trap odors, smoke, and VOCs from the indoor atmosphere

    Note: These filters have different replacement times, you should save change times in your calendar for a reminder for each.

    Coverage and Performance

    During our testing session, we were impressed to learn that the BISSELL Air320 is designed to cover large spaces with a maximum square footage of 1000.

    The unit’s large front intake allows it to draw in huge volumes of air to get your atmosphere clean fast and easy.

    It has a noise rating of 59dB on its highest fan speed, which is quite noisy. However, this unit features a night mode that drops its noise levels to 37dB and also turns off the LED lights to lets you distraction-free night.

    What makes us love this unit, even more, are its automated fans that work in conjunction with the automatic sensor to determine which speed is appropriate for different air quality levels.

    We love the fact that the BISSELL Air320 comes with an intuitive single-dial knob that makes it pretty easy for everyone to operate. The knob allows you to turn on the device and control the fan speed without breaking a sweat.

    Special Features

    Although the BISSELL Air320 lacks complicated features, it’s endowed with a light sensor that detects darkness and commands the unit to switch to night mode. This mode turns off the LED lights and lowers the fan speed to avoid distracting you during your sleep.

    Storage and Footprint

    The BISSELL Air320 is quite a large unit that measures 8.3 x 14.75 x 25 inches

    In our opinion it occupies  a significant space. This air purifier is, however, designed as a stand-alone unit, and you can place it against the wall, just like a cabinet.

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    Cleaning the BISSELL Air320 won’t give you many challenges. You only need to dust the exterior parts and clean the pre-filter to maintain flawless air intake into the unit. This unit’s filters also require replacement at different intervals.

    Reading the manual for this air purifier, manufacturer recommends changing the pre-filter every six months, the carbon filter after three months, and the HEPA filter after two months of consistent use.

    Key Take-Away

    After testing the BISSELL Air320, it’s quite clear that this air purifier a noteworthy unit for people with large living or working spaces. We love this unit’s ability to sense indoor air quality and adjust the fan speeds to ensure that your indoor environment is cleaned effectively.

    Besides, its automatic night mode ensures that you get to use the unit after dusk with minimal disruptions.

    Expert Ratings of BISSELL air320

    Construction and Design 9.0/10

    Construction and Design

    Purification Level and Type of Filter 9.6/10

    Purification Level and Type of Filter

    Coverage and Performance 9.9/10

    Coverage and Performance

    Storage and Footprint 9.7/10

    Storage and Footprint

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