Could CommonPass Save the Travel Industry?

But a Swiss-based nonprofit public trust called The Commons Project Foundation may have a solution. Originally established by The Rockefeller Foundation, and now supported by names like American Express Global Business Travel, Cathay Pacific and United Airlines, The Commons Project is currently working with the World Economic Forum on CommonPass, a “digital health passport” which would allow travelers to discreetly share lab results — after a COVID test, or COVID vaccination — before boarding a plane or entering a foreign country.

The little international travel that is happening right now is a mess of “COVID bubbles,” inconsistent quarantine requirements, and state department opinions on exactly when to open up. CommonPass is trying to harmonize that entire process by designing a common framework for countries, and a mobile tool — what would amount to an extra few minutes talking to a flight attendants or border control — for passengers.

For the sake of the industry, and a return to business and bucket lists in 2021, let’s hope CommonPass gets off to a good start.

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