Duncan Grant, Gold Star Families, Regeneron, Taylor Swift, Mixed-Orientation Couples, SOKO, Chris Evans: HOT LINKS

SHUT THEM UP. Trump made Walter Reed doctors sign NDAs in 2019.

CENSUS. Trump takes Census case to Supreme Court. “The Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to intervene and allow it to wrap up the 2020 census by blocking a lower court opinion requiring the count to continue until the end of October. The administration asked the high court for ‘immediate relief’ because the trial court order will prevent Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross from delivering an important count of the nation’s population “to the President by December 31, 2020, a statutory deadline that the district court also enjoined.”

REGENERON. Trump’s COVID antibody cocktail was developed with fetal cells, “a practice that his administration has moved to restrict.”

NANCY PELOSI. We’re going to talk about the 25th Amendment. “Pelosi told reporters during her weekly press conference at the Capitol on Thursday to come to the Hill ‘tomorrow’ because she said, ‘We’re going to be talking about the 25th Amendment.’ Pelosi did not elaborate what she planned to say Friday, and a request for clarification was not immediately returned by her leadership office.

DUNCAN GRANT. Lost stash of 400 gay erotic drawings comes to light. “Grant was a key member of the Bloomsbury group and one of the most celebrated and successful British artists of the mid-20th century. As a gay man he lived the first 82 years of his life as a criminal. n the 1940s and 50s Grant made hundreds of drawings, many of them explicit and often influenced by Greco-Roman traditions as well as contemporary physique magazines.”

DOCUMENT REVEAL OF THE DAY. Kanye West is no billionaire.

RUBY ROSE. On how COVID played a part in her leaving Batwoman.

MARIAH CAREY. This is why I’m high maintenance.


MIXED-ORIENTATION COUPLES. Canada court rules that straight woman and gay man can form “conjugal relationship” “Canadian legal advocates and lawyers are now cheering the ruling as a major victory for the rights of what many have called ‘mixed-orientation couples,’ with some saying it validates experiences that have long been pushed to the margins of the law.”

MUSIC VIDEO OF THE DAY. SOKO “Let Me Adore You” featuring son Indigo Blue and girlfriend Stella Honorel. “This wasn’t meant to be a music video at all at first. Our photographer and filmmaker friend, Jasper Rischen, has been documenting our family adventures over a few years, and he’s captured so many magical moments that I want to remember forever. So, we decided to put these images over my most intimate song. Rainbow families need more representation – this is our attempt at reminding people that this exists – a very happy gay family!”


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