Google Pixel 4a 5G Jumps Out of a Box

The day that your Pixel 5 pre-order shows up or that you’ll be able to purchase a Pixel 4a 5G varies greatly depending on where you live. For us in the US, the Pixel 5 is arriving at the end of October, followed by the 4a 5G a few weeks into November. The rest of the world should have both much sooner.

To make this all the more confusing, the first device we have in-house to start reviewing and show off to you is the one you have to wait the longest for. Yes, we have a Pixel 4a 5G in the building and it’s time to get to testing.

As you know, this phone will cost $499 when it arrives here, assuming you stay far away from Verizon’s $599 model. The unlocked model that Google and others will sell carries this price because it lacks 5G mmW, which the Verizon model has.

To kickstart our review period, here’s a quick Pixel 4a 5G unboxing for you!

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