Gupta Brothers 8th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Alok acts to commit suicide

Gupta Brothers 8th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shiv telling that if Veeru does something today then he will break his head. He asks Alok to bring the keys. Jaya throws small stone on Alok. Alok sees her and asks why did you throw stone me. Jaya says she has plan to save him and asks him to tell everyone that he loves her. Alok asks do you love me? Jaya says yes. Alok says I thought you as a friend and tells that he don’t want to marry anyone. Jaya thinks she has to lie to trap him and asks him to elope with him to save himself from Kamini. Alok says if I want to elope then will elope again. Kamini’s mom tells her that all the house work will be done by Gupta brothers and she don’t have to do any work there. Doorbell rings and they see Veeru coming there. Veeru says you are exposed and now everything is cancelled. He asks her to call her husband. Kamini says Papa is not at home. Her mother tells that he is in a mental asylum. Kamini says he gets sad seeing Maa. Veeru says he will break the things and hits the pot with his bat and it hits her mom. She faints. Veeru gets shocked.

Police Inspector comes to Shiv’s house and tells that Veeru opened the closed case again. They see Veeru bringing the palanquin there with Kamini sitting inside. Shiv asks what is this drama? Kamini’s mom tells about Veeru’s doing. Inspector Videshi asks Shiv to call Alok else he will arrest Alok too. Shiv sends Rajat to call Alok, but Rajat brings the letter, that he is eloping. Veeru thinks Alok is saved. Jaya asks Alok to jump down, and says nothing happened to me, I am fine. Alok is scared to jump down. Kamini’s mom threatens Shiv and says if my daughter’s marriage doesn’t happen in 20 mins then do our last rites tomorrow. Shiv searches Alok and comes out. Jaya sees him and asks Alok not to jump down. The people ask if he is committing suicide. Alok says he will definitely jump down. Rajat says only his hands and legs will break.

Kamini says she doesn’t want an injured husband. Alok is about to jump, when Jaya and Kamini shout no. The people ask Jaya why did she shout? Jaya says he is my friend. Veer asks Alok to fall and hold the cloth with Rajat’s help. Shiv says this way you can’t hold Alok. He goes to terrace and saves Alok just before he is about to fall. He scolds him politely. They all go inside the house. Kamini’s mom tells that she has locked the door and nobody will go out now. She asks everyone to play antakshiri. Shiv says we will play, but first he wants to talk to his brothers alone. They go to room. Shiv asks his brothers to let him speak. Rajat asks how to save Alok? Shiv says I don’t know. Alok says you are our hope, say something. He says he has two options now, either marriage or death. Shiv says we have to know Kamini and her mom’s weakness. Veeru says we shall break their head to know. Shiv asks if he wants to go to jail. He asks Alok to act as if he is trapped in their trap so that they relax and do some mistake. He asks him not to be scared and says I won’t let anything wrong happen with his brothers. He says we have to keep eye on Kamini and her mom so that we get a chance to expose them. He says I promise that I will not let this marriage happen.

Rajat asks Kamini to sing with Maa. She sings Mayin Mayi…Alok sings gali gali shor hai….They all sing and dance one after another. Bobby is going from there singing Tere Naam. Kamini gets emotional. Kamini’s mom calls her. Kamini says I love Alok. Shiv senses Kamini and Bobby’s love.

Precap: Shiv tells Alok that since he betrayed him, he has to get separated from him after marriage. He says Alok will not stay with us anymore and we will not have any relations. Alok says I will marry surely, will become independent and run the household. Kamini gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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