“I am immune to men who want to sleep with me”

In the short distance, Olga Kurylenko is a woman show. Ukrainian by birth, she was booked by a “model spotter” at the age of 15, when she was traveling in Moscow. After succeeding on the catwalk, being the cover of the most important fashion magazines and trying her luck in acting, the world fell in love with her when she became chica Bond en ‘007 Quantum of Solace’. Now premieres ‘The Room’, one of those stories that put the heart to the test …

The Luxonomist: What does the interpretation give you that you cannot find in any other activity in life?Olga Kurylenko: It helps me forget about myself. I can’t stop thinking and organizing things in my head. When I’m working on a role and especially when I’m on set, acting forces me to forget about everything and focus on one thing that, in my real life, is difficult to do.

TL: ‘The room’ invites you to change your life. Is it easy to start from scratch again?Olga Kurylenko: It may not be easy to start from scratch, but it can be very refreshing. I like to start from scratch. Instead of being weakened by the past, it is better to try to learn from it. Then turn the page and start over with new skills and new strength.

TL: What has Kate left you and what has she taken from you?Olga Kurylenko: It only reinforced the knowledge that material things are not the basis of happiness. But I never thought otherwise, anyway.

TL: Did you leave the character on set or did he walk you home?Olga Kurylenko: While filming my character was everywhere with me and in me. But when I’m done filming, I usually leave my characters behind.

“Being a mother is a full time job”

TL: “All you have to do is take the first step,” says the character. What was that first of yours that has given you a vital opportunity?OK: My first step was to get away from my family, go to a different country and be independent. My other important step was to take full responsibility for myself and my life without depending on anyone and without blaming anyone for my mistakes when I made them.

TL: Getting everything you want, is it a bad decision?OK: No. Trying to get everything you want is a great idea as long as the process of getting things doesn’t hurt anyone or anything. However, getting everything you want too easily, effortlessly, or through someone is a bad idea. Because it makes people not appreciate things and makes them feel bad about themselves. What brings boredom and depression.

TL: Is there a before and after motherhood?OK: Absolutely! My life and especially my choices and priorities have completely changed once I became a mother. I’m glad I didn’t start having children earlier, as I don’t think I was ready. But above all, I would never have achieved everything I did if I had been a mother before. Now I understand women who stop working when they become mothers. It is quite difficult to do both. Being a mother is a full time job.

TL: Can you be impartial when feelings come into play?OK: Hmmmm… I’m not sure. I believe that love is something very strong and, sometimes, we cannot choose or command who we love. It is an animal feeling. Being impartial must be very, very tough when it comes to feelings.

“Material things are not the basis of happiness”

TL: The most elegant way to say goodbye?OK: With kindness and compassion.

TL: In which situation did you say “chapeau”, I take off my hat?OK: Before people who are brave enough to tell the truth, even if it is against what they push us to do or believe.

TL: What do you like to do your way?OK: All.

TL: What do you do the best?OK: I never think I’m good enough. However, I would be an amazing cleaner because I am very meticulous about details and when I clean I leave everything literally spotless!

TL: If you could be another person or thing … Why / who would you choose?OK: Simone de Beauvoir.

TL: What has really marked your life?OK: Too many things. Life is full of surprises: good and bad. But whatever happens, I always try to learn from the situation and always ask myself a question: “What did I do wrong?” And from there I try to change myself for the better.

“My life, choices and priorities have changed as a mother”

TL: What does it put in your whatsapp status?OK: Let me look… I just looked and I can’t see anything. I think I never put anything. It is not that important to me.

TL: Who would you put in a time machine?OK: Oops !!! I’m not sure how to answer this. Sorry.

TL: What crazy have you done to meet one of your icons?OK: I never did anything crazy. I remember once asking my agent to introduce me to an actor who really impressed me and he did. But that’s not crazy at all.

TL: What are you immune to?OK: To the men who want to sleep with me. ??

TL: What is never missing in your suitcase?OK: My hair iron.

TL: Is luck more defining than talent?OK: No. But it is best to have both, of course.

“Getting everything you want is always a great idea”

TL: What does life sound like to you?OK: Fight and learning.

TL: Does beauty give power?OK: It can, yes … if the person decides to use it.

TL: The most intense pain?OK: Losing people you love.

TL: Being elegant is…?OK: Respect others and treat people that way you would like to be treated.

TL: What makes you lose your temper?OK: The injustice. The lies.

TL: That criticism that, because it’s true, has hurt you the most?OK: What hurt me the most made me stronger. I remember when I was a child, someone told my mother about me, “This girl doesn’t know how to do anything for herself.” It really blew me away and from then on I decided to do everything possible to prove them wrong. I decided to change. And I did it! Thanks to that comment I achieved things in my life. So today I am so happy because I heard that when I was a child. It gave me motivation.

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