Raymond Arrieta: “We have to do it”

At 8:30 this morning, comedian Raymond Arrieta went for a walk to “loosen” the muscle tension a bit and warm up the body in preparation for the adapted walk from “Da Vida”, which will start from Monday, as always, with the aim of raising funds for the patients of the Oncological Hospital, in San Juan.

“Everything hurts,” he confessed.

Arrieta had started a complete physical training at the beginning of this year, but the closure of the gyms as part of the prevention measures against COVID-19, “finished everything.” It is precisely to protect health in general that this time he will walk for three consecutive hours on a treadmill from the studio of the Telemundo program “Day a day”, during the broadcast hours, from 1:00 to 4: 00 pm This will be repeated until Friday, October 16.

There will be two other treadmills for volunteers and guests to join, all meeting the television station’s requirement to test negative for the coronavirus. Among that group, he hopes to see the tropical music performers Oscarito and Joseph Fonseca, among others, “who have always been with me.”

The artist always awaits some concern about the reaction he may have physically while completing the goal of 50 to 60 miles, which he expects completely in the five days, although this time he will have the temperature in his favor.

“It is with air (conditioning), I don’t have the sun above me,” he said.

As he walks, people will be able to follow the streaming through the page .

Likewise, people will be able to make donations through a call bank that will be attended by the channel’s talents. They can also make contributions via mobile ath at the phone number 787-504-4454.

“It is not the same, but if we can help in this way, we have to adapt to what is happening, not stop, we have to continue,” said the television presenter. “We have to do it, we have to look for that money and take it to the hospital, regrettable that it is this way, but now we are going to reach many people outside (the Puerto Rican diaspora),” said Arrieta, who will wear an event shirt sponsored by any brand or commercial signature.

This version of “Da vida” will be complemented by the integration of multiple testimonies from patients receiving their treatments at the Oncological Hospital with the support of the Puerto Rican League Against Cancer.

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