Soul : le nouveau film Pixar file sur Disney+

No studio is spared by the problems of distributing its works in a necessarily very specific context. Disney has already found an alternative by releasing “Mulan” or “Artemis Fowl” on Disney +. The platform will also host “Soul”, the next Pixar film.

Soul : Pixar’s enticing new proposition

Pixar knows how to bring together young and old in front of his films, without everyone feeling excluded by the stories told. In the vein of The other way around (which was not really an accessible proposition on paper), the studio does it again with Soul. Directed by Pete Docter and Kemp Powers, this new cartoon lives up to its title. It will indeed be about the soul, a concept that may seem difficult to explain on paper for the youngest. The story begins with Joe, a jazzman who would like to make a living from his music. One fine day, he inadvertently falls into a manhole and finds himself propelled into a world he never suspected.

He will find himself alongside other souls waiting before going to Earth. The film will follow him in his meeting with 22, a soul who thinks that life on our planet is completely oversold and that it’s not worth that much. Joe will try to bring her his experience to prove to her that she is wrong and that being a human is good! An ode to life, in a way, which should make it possible to have several levels of reading and thus involve all generations.

Direction Disney+…

This 23rd work by Pixar studios could not, however, escape a postponement. We expected it last June but the pandemic will have decided otherwise. Reprogrammed at the end of November, Soul will ultimately not be released in theaters. It was just announced for December 25 on Disney +. A well chosen date to try to make the event during the holiday season. Contrary to a previous controversy, no additional cost will be requested to watch the movie this time. The upload is official for the United States and, if nothing has been specified for us, it should be the same both for France and the whole world. Let’s take the case of Mulan to try to see what to expect. Soul should be released on the platform in all countries that have access to it. For others – China, for example – going to the cinema remains the solution.

This new relocation testifies to an industry that is really struggling to work with the virus. American theaters operate at a low rate and nothing is working out. All the blockbusters are deserting the end of 2020 and Disney does not want to release anything in wobbly conditions. Sad for Soul, who had benefited of the Cannes 2020 label to boost it. Operators had to count on him to attract families to their establishments …

When the pandemic started, we didn’t think the big-eared firm would be able to relocate the releases of certain headlines to the small screen. The platform was never intended to fish out endangered projects. The business model is very different than for a big screen release, but it may be the only way to save the furniture after a well-started promotional campaign. Soul will mark the end of a long series because Pixar has always brought its films to the big screen. We hope to be able to discover Luca, the following project, in the dark rooms. Its release is stopped on June 23, 2021.

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