These are the three simple makeup tricks of Ester Exposito

Since the Kardashian broke into our lives 15 years ago, makeup has not held any secrets for us. They taught us the famous contouring technique, to play with light and dark tones and to stylize and highlight our features. An example of this we have in Ester Exposito, which since rose to fame thanks to Netflix has become the ambassador par excellence of the illuminator.

The actress is one of the celebrities who best uses this technique, since she is capable of transforming her entire face without pulling a scalpel. The daily makeup of the Madrilenian is mainly based on apply highlighter to key areas of the face, highlighting the eyes and leaving the lips in the background with nude tones.

Ester Exposito focuses her makeup on the illuminator

Highlighter should be applied after foundation and concealer, but very carefully, as the goal is to make the skin look vibrant and juicy. do not create unnecessary shine. This product is the magic wand of makeup, as it is capable of transform a tired face and make it look radiant and full of light.

You must apply it with small touches in six strategic areas, the so-called points of light. First, in the brow bone to open the eye; second, in the mobile eyelid to illuminate the look. Third, in the tear; fourth, on the top of the cheekbone, to highlight the cheeks. Fifth, in el septum and tip of nose, to tune it; and sixth, in cupid’s bow and the center of the lower lip, to highlight the lips and make them appear thicker.

Volumizing, extra-long lashes to frame the look

With these secrets revealed, you have surely noticed that eEster Exposito’s makeup follows the steps perfectly. However, a very important detail is missing to achieve his admired image, the eyes. And it is that the actress in addition to the illuminator, pays a lot of attention to eye makeup and especially to the eyelashes, the frame that frames the gaze.

In this case, what you need is a good mask with which to add volume and length. Although if unfortunately you are not lucky enough to have extra long eyelashes, you can always resort to eyelash serums, the perfect allies to make your eyelashes look longer and voluminous.

Discreet and juicy lips

Finally, the lips remain. For daily makeup, Ester Exposito bets on very light and nude colorsas it focuses all the makeup attention on the juicy skin of the highlighter and the mega-lashes that enhance your look.

In short, it is a Very natural makeup that focuses on working hard on the skin and strategic points of light. A trick that completely transforms the face, making it appear more alive and refined without resorting to the scalpel.

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