5 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 5000: (October 17, 2020)

Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 5000

Tired of tangled wired earphones?

Looking for the perfect companion for your running sessions?

Probably the list of Best true wireless earbuds under 5000 will give you the perfect solution.

Wired earphones have since long been the troublemaker that everyone needs. The earphones tangle, the wire stretches or gets stuck in your zippers which causes unnecessary disturbance to your running session. Even neckband style wireless earphones seem like a burden to carry. True wireless earbuds solve the problem of wires in a convenient way.

Most companies have taken a clue from the revolutionary Apple Airpods and brought about their own versions of truly wireless earbuds. While it is true that the best quality true wireless earbuds are expensive, many affordable options have entered the market. Renowned brands like JBL and Realme are now offering top-notch features and sound quality in the budget segment.

Many new brands have also entered the fray with lucrative offers. Finding the best true wireless earbuds under 5000 has become a complicated task due to the abundance of options. But this list will help you choose a reliable product easily.

How did we prepare the list of Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 5000?

The most important feature in an earbud is undoubtedly the sound quality but there are a few integral features you must keep in mind before buying truly wireless earbuds. It should fit well. Since these earbuds don’t have a wire or band, they run the risk of falling and getting lost while running. So the earbud must fit well and don’t fall on jerks. The earbuds should have a good battery backup and a charging case to juice up the battery when it drains. Additionally, they should have Bluetooth 5.0 for quick connection and good compatibility.

There are many additional features in the list of best true wireless earbuds under 5000. We have prioritised these factors and analysed all the features of the earbuds only to provide you with the best options. You will definitely find the earbuds that suit your budget and needs in this list. So what are you waiting for? Read the whole article and choose the earbuds that will make your music experience sweeter. It’s important to keep in mind that your smartphone must have Bluetooth 5.0 or above to ensure a break-free connection with the wireless earbuds.

5 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under 5000

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Noise Shots x5

  • Noise x5 is a comfortable pair of truly wireless earbuds that have a snug fit design. With a reasonable punchy bass and balanced sound, Noise x5 brings true wireless earbuds seamlessly into the budget segment.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX5 water-resistant
  • 10m wireless range
  • Button to skips tracks and activate the voice assistant
  • 2200mAh battery

Noise Shots x5 is Go Noise’s answer to Apple’s Air Pods in the budget segment. The earbuds are comfortable and durable with a rubber coating at the bottom. Noise x5 has an additional rubber hook that helps them remain in your ears while running. This makes them one of the best true wireless earbuds under 5000 for running.

A multi-functional button makes it easy to skip tracks handsfree. The sound of Noise x5 is particularly pleasing and duly justifies the price tag. You can really feel the thump in the bass which is sorely missing in wireless earbuds in this range. The call clarity is also clear so they can double up as Bluetooth headsets for calling. The battery backup is average on Noise x5 and lasts around 4 hours on continuous listening. The better part is the charging case that has a massive 2200mAh battery and can charge the earbuds up to 10 times. So you just have to fully charge the case and you don’t need to worry about charging it for around a month. Overall, Noise x5 is a great option in truly wireless earbuds under 5000.

  • Noise x5 has Bluetooth 5.0 and connects to the phone quickly. It gives faster connections with mobiles having Bluetooth 5.0 or above.
  • Noise x5 has a comfortable snug fit. With a rubber hook over the earbuds, they won’t fall easily during running.
  • Noise x5 has an IPX5 water-resistant rating which saves them from damage during sudden rains.
  • You get a physical button on top of the earbuds. This makes it convenient to control music, accept calls and activate voice assistant directly from the earbuds.
  • Noise x5 has a decently loud volume output and the voice doesn’t distort till 80% volume. The bass is crisp and punchy. It delivers subtle mids and highs leading to a pleasing listening experience.
  • Noise x5 has a stereo calling that helps to listen to the caller from both the earbuds. You can also use a single earbud at a time to make calls throughout the day. Just keep one earbud into the charging case and pair the smartphone with the other earbud.
  • Noise x5 has a decent battery backup of 4 hours on continuous listening at 70% volume. The best part is the charging case that packs a huge 2200mAh battery. It can charge the earbuds about 10 times on full charge.
  • Noise x5 comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • The mic is on a single side of Noise x5 and it doesn’t cancel ambient noise properly during calls. The receiver may listen to some disturbances due to outside noise while calling.
  • The earbuds have a slightly bulky shape which is not the most appealing. The comfortable snug fit is a great feature though which makes Noise x5 one of the best true wireless earbuds under 5000 for runners.

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  • JBL C100 is a lightweight true wireless earbud from the reliable house of JBL. JBL C100 stands out for its crystal clear call quality and massive battery backup. JBL C100 also has Quick Charging support that makes it one of the best affordable true wireless earbuds.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 17 Hour battery life with charging case
  • Quick Charging
  • 10m Bluetooth range
  • 5.8mm driver
  • Stereo mic

JBL C100 comes in a beautiful charging case that looks premium and stylish. JBL C100 has an ergonomic design that comfortably fits into the ear although it doesn’t have an extra hook. They have an on-ear design and come with 4 pair of silicone earbuds. You also get a multi-function button that helps to control music and activate the voice assistant directly.

One thing that JBL never compromises is its sound quality. It has a powerful thumping bass that will be a treat for EDM lovers. The volume output is decently loud and vocals are pleasing to the ears. Overall, JBL C100 is one of the best budget true wireless earbuds under 5000 because of its exceptional sound quality. The battery backup is also excellent as the battery last for around 5 hours on continuous use. The charging case gives an extra 12-hour battery backup.

  • Quick connectivity through Bluetooth 5.0. JBL C100 pairs really fast to all smartphones supporting Bluetooth 5.0 and above.
  • JBL C100 fits comfortably into the ears. It has a stylish design with a rubber coating although an additional hook would have been better for runners.
  • JBL C100 has a stereo mic that delivers excellent sound and brilliant noise cancellation on calling. It also supports calling on both the earbuds so the voice clarity is brilliant. You can additionally pair just the right earbud to make calls comfortably throughout the day.
  • JBL C100 delivers powerful and punchy bass. It is one of the best in this price segment. The mids and highs are balanced while the volume output is decently loud.
  • JBL C100 has a multi-functional button to activate Siri, Google Now and Alexa. It can also accept calls and skip tracks
  • The charging case is compact and convenient to carry. It delivers up to 12 hours extra charging and gets fully charged in just 2 hours.
  • JBL C100 comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • The right earbud is the main driver of JBL C100. You can only use the right earbud if you want to use a single earbud for calling. The device becomes useless if you lose the right earbud. But the sound quality of JBL C100 is unbeatable in the price segment so you may manage this little drawback.

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Realme Buds Air

  • The latest sensation from Realme, Realme Air closely resembles the Air pods. It has a massive 12mm driver that delivers superb bass. A comfortable design, wireless charging, touch-based button and a low latency mode make Realme Air unbeatable in best true wireless earbuds under 5000.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Wireless charging support
  • 17 hours of battery life with charging case
  • Dual microphones
  • Touch controls
  • 12mm bass boost driver
  • Low-latency gaming mode
  • USB Type-C charging port

Realme Air comes with an array of exciting features that are exclusive in its range. It comes in an easy-to-carry compact charging case. The design heavily follows the Air Pods’ looks. The earbuds are quite comfortable to wear. They have a dual transmission technology that allows you to use each earbud separately. This comes in handy for daily use. They have a touch area that works as a multi-functional button. You can use it to control music and accept or reject calls.

The earbuds don’t fall off during heavy workouts and running which make them one of the best true wireless earbuds under 5000 for running. The sound output is remarkably loud with decent bass output because of the best in class 12mm drivers.

You get some distortion in sound on full volume and its best listening on about 75% volume. The earbuds give a fairly moderate battery backup of 2.5 hours on continuous use. The charging case will give you an additional 12-hour battery backup.

  • Realme Air has a pleasing design and doesn’t fall off easily while running and exercising.
  • Realme Air has a dual-channel transmission coupled with gaming mode. It reduces latency and syncs the audio perfectly with the visuals during gaming. It is one of the best true wireless earbuds under 5000 for gaming.
  • It has a Smart Wear Detection that automatically pauses the song when you remove the earbuds from your ears. This saves battery and is a useful feature.
  • Touch controls are quick and easy to use giving Realme Air a modern look.
  • Realme Air has wireless charging support so you can charge the case using your wireless charger. It has a USB Type-C port for quick charging. It charges in just 1.5 hours.
  • The 12mm drivers give a fairly loud volume output and a nice thump in the bass. The voice clarity is also up to the mark with balanced treble and lows.
  • Dual microphones on Realme Air provide excellent noise cancellation. The sound is quite clear on calls so you can use them throughout the day for calling. Realme Air also supports using a single earbud while the other is in the charging case. This makes it convenient to wear like a Bluetooth headset to make calls.
  • The charging case has a brilliant battery backup of up to 12 hours. The earbuds give an average battery backup of about 2.5 hours but you can charge it multiple times with the compact charging case.
  • Realme Air has 6 months warranty which is lower than other earbuds in this range.
  • The Bluetooth range isn’t as great as the sound distorts when going to the other room away from the phone.

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Realme Buds Air Bluetooth Headset with Mic(White, In the Ear)

Say hello to the Realme Buds Air whose features such as instant auto-connection, intelligent touch controls, and powerful sound will pave the way for a wonderful aural experience. …

Rs. 4,999

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Blaupunkt Wireless

  • Blaupunkt has made a reputable name in the car music system industry and now they have entered the true wireless earbuds segment with a classy product. Blaupunkt wireless is a lightweight and comfortable true wireless earbuds under 5000. It is a battery powerhouse with 6 hours of battery backup.
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX 5 water-resistant
  • In-built multi-functional button
  • 590mAh charging case
  • Mic with noise cancellation
  • 6mm bass driver

Blaupunkt has a multi-function button to skip music and activate the voice assistant. It also has a touch-based navigating button on top earbud that is used to skip tracks. The sound quality is pleasing to the ears and the bass is reasonable. It’s neither too punchy nor too flat. The earbuds have an angled design that fits pretty well and doesn’t fall off while running. Noise Cancellation is brilliant and the sound is clear on call.

  • Blaupunkt has an ergonomic design that looks stylish. The earbuds are lightweight which makes them comfortable. The angled design makes Blaupunkt one of the best true wireless earbuds under 5000 for running.
  • Blaupunkt has a multi-function button along with a touchpad for volume control.
  • Both earbuds have a battery of 75g each giving you a battery backup of 6 hours. The compact charging case gives another 3 full charges to the earbuds.
  • Blaupunkt has a decent bass which will please vocal and pop song lovers. The vocals are clear and have good highs and mids. Overall the sound quality is excellent in this range.
  • The sound is clear on calls and active noise cancellation significantly reduces surrounding noise. You would be satisfied with the calling experience on these earbuds. You can also connect just the right earbud to your phone which makes it convenient to make calls with it throughout the day.
  • Blaupunkt is IPX5 water-resistant which prevents it from damage due to accidental splashes of water.
  • Blaupunkt has a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects
    • The volume output is not quite loud but is enough for watching Youtube videos and gaming. You would need to increase the volume while watching low-resolution videos.

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    CrossBeats Urban

    • CrossBeats Urban is one of the best true wireless earbuds under 5000 because of its lightweight and huge battery backup of up to 12 hours. It has a 33ft long connectivity range which is best in class.
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • Stereo calling
    • 3h battery life
    • multi-function  button
    • IP67 waterproof

    CrossBeats Urban have plastic built but look sophisticated due to matte coating. The earphones have a minimalistic design that fits well in the ears. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 that pairs quickly to the smartphone. It is a durable true wireless earbud with the best in class IP67 water-resistant rating which protects it from damage during sudden rains, sweating or washing the face.

    The sound quality is decent on CrossBeats Urban with a lively bass. The lows and mids sound pleasing although the highs are about average. These earbuds are good for gaming as they have a low latency that helps sync sound and visuals properly during gaming. It has a pretty decent battery backup of about 3 hours on a single charge. The compact charging case can fully charge the earbuds for three times more. The compact charging makes CrossBeats Urban one of the best true wireless earbuds under 5000.

    • CrossBeats Urban has a sturdy built and looks premium due to the matte finish. They have angled earbuds that don’t fall off easily during running.
  • CrossBeats Urban has Bluetooth 5.0 that pair quickly to smartphones compatible with Bluetooth 5.0.
  • CrossBeats Urban has a multi-function button through which you can accept/reject calls, skip tracks and activate the voice assistant.
  • CrossBeats Urban produces a decent bass and good sound quality. The vocals feel excellent to listen on these earbuds.
  • CrossBeats Urban has a low latency of 60ms which makes it a good option for PUBG and Fortnite gamers. The audio syncs properly to the visuals during games.
  • It is IP67 water-resistant. You don’t need to worry about your earbuds damaging in sudden rains or due to excessive sweating.
  • CrossBeats Urban has an average 3 hr battery backup but the charging case is easy to carry and can charge it 3 times. This makes it a great earbud for travellers.
  • CrossBeats Urban comes with a 12-month warranty for manufacturing defects.
    • The sound quality of calls is pretty average and we could feel some disturbances due to outside noise during calls. These are great sports earphones for runners but aren’t the best for calling.

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    So, this was the Best TWS earbuds under 5000 in India.

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