Biden halts Kamala Harris’ campaign trail over coronavirus fears

Kamala Harris will suspend her campaign trail until Monday after a flight crew member and her communications director, Liz Allen, tested positive for coronavirus.

Although it was stated that Harris was not in close contact with either person, her plans to head to North Carolina on Thursday were scrapped as a precaution. She will not be back on the campaign trail until Monday.

A staff member for the charter company that flies Biden also tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday, but the former Vice President’s travel schedule is not changing because he did not come within 50 feet of the person.

Biden campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon released a statement saying, “Neither of these people have had contact with Vice President Biden, Senator Harris or any other staffers since testing positive or in the 48 hours prior to their positive test results.”

“After being with Senator Harris, both individuals attended personal, non-campaign events in the past week. Under our campaign’s strict health protocols, both individuals had to be tested before returning to their work with the campaign from these personal events,” O’Malley Dillon continued.

The news of Harris taking precautions comes after Donald Trump refused to take part in an online debate last week.

The televised debate was scheduled for October 15 – but Trump has said he would not participate in a virtual event.

In an interview with Fox Business shortly after the announcement, Trump said; “I’m not going to do a virtual debate.”

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