2020 “turned everything on its head” for the D&D phenomenon

Like any game of Dungeons & Dragons, the story of Critical Role has a little magic and a little luck.

It started as a private game of D&D among friends. They were bonded by a career choice — all professional voice actors in the insular video game and anime scenes — and a love for the fantasy role-playing game.

A new coffee table book, by Liz Marsham, chronicles the group’s meteoric and unlikely rise since 2015. But how has Critical Role endured the challenges of 2020? Cast members and (also Critical Role’s chief executive officer) reflect with Inverse on adjusting to a hellish year.

“2020 is a bit of a chrysalis for us,” O’Brien tells Inverse. “We went inside of it, disappeared, and now we’re working on stuff we’re excited about. As far as this hell year, the most important thing was to see each other around the table.”

“We’re no different than the rest of the world. 2020 turned everything on its head,” adds Willingham. “We love to sit in the same room, and that is our goal. Not being able to do that was a challenge for us off the bat.”

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