American Horror Story Seasons Ranked from Worst to Best

However you feel about the American Horror Story franchise’s various installments, you cannot deny that Ryan Murphy and Co. are wildly creative when it comes to their yearly dish of blood-curdling terror. From the swanky digs of a haunted hotel to the torturous backroom dealings of an insane asylum, the series has run the gamut. Season 9 was no different — it took viewers on a wild, Satan-fueled ride through the bloodsoaked grounds of Camp Redwood. That journey back to the 1980s, complete with so much aerobics spandex, short-shorts, and Leslie Grossman looking like Ivana Trump’s doppelganger, was a divisive season. Some fans  and others… . It was an unusual and, uh, inventive new season that definitely improved on some past AHS seasons but also stumbled in some big ways.

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