Attention, Shoppers: The ‘Supermarket Sweep’ Casting Call Is Open

The rebooted Supermarket Sweep, hosted by Saturday Night Live alum Leslie Jones, premieres on ABC on Sunday, Oct. 18, at 8 p.m. ET. “Taking Supermarket Sweep to primetime has made everything bigger and better while holding true to what made the original show so sensational,” ABC raves in a press release. “A whimsical grocery store was built from the ground up; big-ticket items were stocked on shelves for contestants to place in carts, and the final cash grand prize amount was amplified.”

The premiere of the show is a full-circle moment for Leslie, who told People recently that she and a former roommate auditioned for Supermarket Sweep years ago. “All I thought was, ‘Hey, I ain’t got no money. Maybe I could get on this show, win five thousand, and become famous,’” she recalled.

The duo got an audition for the show and wowed the producers, but they had to bail midway through the tryout because the roommate had to report to work.

“We left, and I talked about her so bad,” Leslie added. “‘We will never be friends again.’ I wouldn’t even ride with her. I wouldn’t even get in the car with her. ‘I’ll catch the bus.’ Then I realized that I didn’t have bus fare, so I had to sit at the bus stop for a little while and figure out how I was going to get on the bus.”

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