Bashir El-Rufai On #EndSARS: Nigeria Does Not Begin In Lagos & Ends In Abuja – Politics

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That is why we are asking that the south must separate from the north. You can restrict your wicked policies to your compound and not drag the South West, South South, Middle Belt and South East down with you.

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This toddler again, like father like son

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Buhari is a disgrace


This senseless boy does not know when to talk and when to be quiet.


Soon, Buhari will have no choice than to run away. Very soon .


Gaddafi’s family spoke more than this. Look, Nigeria begins and ends with Nigerians, and real Nigerians will take back their country from political fools. Like tsunami, this protests will sweep out idiots.

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Please before you unleash your anger and Wrath , Calm down ! Take a deep Breath! Everyone is entitled to their opinion..

Do not Have unnecessary issues with anyone! Peacefully pursue what u Believe..

Most Important, Be Ready! Live Ready! Live Prepared for Eternity!Be Reconciled to God through Jesus Christ..Live Prepared for the Rapture!

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The Northern Nigeria have been the highest beneficiary of insecurity, yet they still can’t have one voice and ask Baba to resign

I just don’t understand this people


The North is clamouring for end to insecurity..The South is clamouring for end to brutality and opting for a better Nigeria..

Where did you get your Buhari resignation from?

Moreover… if Buhari was genuine, this is the time to sack anybody found wanting or gossiped to have taken bribe or has any corruption courtcase no matter the office held or Godfathers behind such person while pushing the reason to the youths clamour 100% if truly he was genuine and out to set the nation straight.


I’m also putting up my baby’s Xbox360 up for sale for any interested buyer so that we can feed. Thanks

I would have loved to see him teared into pieces as i watch with delight


Did anyone notice that in recent days, nothing like afonja and ipob comments. This shows you to understand something is uniting the South more than ever.

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Na to die there remain

it’s not your fault, when you have everything you so desire why wouldn’t you rant like a prodigal son

OkMay be it start and end in kaduna Try nonsense and visit your 72 virgins

how old is this one?,he wakes up only to the dining.

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If you are expecting this moronic pygmy to say a reasonable thing then you need a new working brain. an slowpoke that is been fed with looted money

These are the people I expect to be against the protestNot some suffer head citizen

Well, than goodness, El Rufai son knows that the region he left out does not belongs to modern civilisation.Know when to keep quiet son of a lawless governor.

like father like son

This guy has spoken the mind of every Northerner. Take it or leave it.

They know the protest can’t last one month. They will keep sending Southerners like Abaribe, CBN governor to negotiate with you.

Restructure this country now.

If you want the protest to have meaning. Niger Delta needs to fully join the protest. Shutdown oil production.

There is nothing happening now affecting Buhari or the government.


We will end it in Kaduna and Chase you to your Arewastan Islamic Republic of goat fckers


We have nothing in common with these Northerners.

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