Brave 2: Will we ever get to see the sequel?

Pixar hasn’t made a state secret of its disposition toward sequels in general.

“Most studios jump on doing a sequel as soon as they have a successful film, but our business model is a filmmaker model, and we don’t make a sequel unless the director of the original film has an idea that they like and are willing to go forward on,” Morris explained to EW. In the case of Brave, that makes the chance of a sequel happening even more complicated, because technically the movie had two directors.

For six years, Brenda Chapman worked on Brave at Pixar before she was fired over “creative differences” and replaced by Mark Andrews, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. Since then, Andrews has also left Pixar, and is currently working on The Bad Guys for DreamWorks Animation. With neither director still at the studio, Merida’s story would have to be handed over to someone else entirely, or Pixar would need to woo either Chapman or Andrews back. Either option would take time, and given the amount of work that goes into animated features, it would still be years before Brave 2 actually hit screens.

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