Canary Coalition accuses the Government of turning the Canary Islands into a “prison” for migrants

The national secretary general of CC-PNC, José Miguel Barragán, has denounced Madrid’s decision to turn the Canary Islands into a “prison” for migrants, following the example of other European countries of concentrating them in remote parts of the continent, such as Lesbos or Lampedusa.

“The strategy of the central government is clear; concentrating migrants in the Canary Islands, preventing their transfer to the mainland, which turns the islands into a prison for them ”, point out the Canarian nationalists, who note that Madrid’s decisions“ have two clear accomplices: Ángel Víctor Torres, president of the Canary Islands , and Carolina Darias, Minister of Public Administration, who with their silence and inaction are allowing it to happen ”.

For the national secretary general of CC-PNC, “the facts show an unquestionable reality and that is that there is no will to allow the transfer of migrants arriving in the Canary Islands to other parts of the State because the Madrid strategy, following the unfortunate example from other countries, is to concentrate them in isolated points, which is turning the archipelago into the end point of the journey for thousands of migrants ”.

For the nationalist leader “It is clear that the central government minimizes the problem of migration by concentrating it in the Canary Islands and is unconcerned about the consequences that this decision entails and the situation in which it leaves migrants here.”

“And it does so with the complicity of the President of the Canary Islands and Minister Darias, who should be exercising their coordination functions between the archipelago and the State and thus guarantee the dignified and humanitarian attention to immigrants,” adds Barragán.

“However, they remain silent and look the other way before the reality of hundreds of people sleeping on the concrete of a pier or the barges arriving freely at port without being previously detected,” he added.

As José Miguel Barragán pointed out, “reality makes us suspect that the lack of coordination between ministries is not such and what it hides is an excuse to justify a defined and approved strategy of not allowing the transfers of immigrants and turning the islands into a prison for them”. Thus, he recalled the recent visit of the Minister of Migration, José Luis Escrivá, “which left as it came; between fuss and without solutions or proposals under his arm ”.

In this sense, the nationalist leader points out that the announcement by Ángel Víctor Torres that new ministers with powers in this matter will come to the Canary Islands shortly “It is nothing more than a smokescreen to continue justifying inaction” and he recalled that in February “the Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, visited the islands to hold a summit on immigration that was announced with great fanfare and yet, not a single decision was made and, given the results, that visit and that summit were of no use ”. “Fewer visits and more solutions on the table”Barragan pointed out.

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