Cardi B surrenders to police for ordering attacks on two strip club bartenders

It’s now official that Cardi B was behind ordering the attack on two strip club bartenders at a Queens, New York strip club, according to TMZ. Although the rapper denied her involvement in the case all this while, it looks as if the tables have turned, and she is now ready to face the wrath of the law in full force for her actions.

The A-list musician will reportedly be charged on account of ordering the attack on two female bartenders at Angels Strip Club, according to Hollywood Life. The victims of the attack, sisters, Jade and Baddie G, were allegedly involved in a long-standing beef with Cardi, because the rapper believed Jade had slept with her husband, Offset.

According to a previous report, Jade had said that she received several threats from Cardi B over the past few months and was attacked by Cardi’s posse. She also said that Baddie G and herself had an encounter with Cardi at an Atlanta hotel in June and the rapper continued to accuse her of sleeping with Offset before threatening them with violence.

Jade said that on August 15, she got a warning that Cardi B would send people over to beat her up. Later that night at Angel’s Strip Club in Queens, Jade claimed five of Cardi B’s associates ruthlessly attacked her, grabbing her hair, punching her and hitting her with an ashtray, causing “serious damage”.

Authorities investigating the accusations by the bartenders found that Cardi B was indeed present in the club at the time of the incident, since Migos, the hip-hop trio which Offset is part of, was performing at the particular club the same day. Moreover, pictures of the ‘Girls Like You’ rapper arriving at an NYC courthouse emerged on the morning of October 1 confirming the reports.

The surrender comes just two days after Cardi gave an electrifying performance at the 2018 Global Citizen Festival in NYC. It was Cardi’s first performance after giving birth to daughter Kulture, and she dazzled at the event in a red bra top and a fringe skirt. The show took place at the Great Lawn in Central Park, where the rapper belted out an amazing set featuring her smash hits, including ‘Bodak Yellow’ and ‘I Like It’.

Earlier, it was reported that Jade and Baddie G had claimed they had yet another face-to-face encounter with Cardi at the strip club on a later date. The sisters claimed at the time that Cardi B’s posse attacked them by throwing bottles and chairs at them which led them to “seek medical attention”.

Neither women have claimed that Cardi B touched them in any way but they did claim that Cardi yelled, “I’m blood, I’ll f**k you b**ches up!” in reference to her alleged membership to the notorious Bloods gang.

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