Danna Hernández receives hundreds of red roses on her birthday

The model Danna Hernández is overjoyed at the hundreds of red roses she received as a reason for her birthday.

“Of the most beautiful surprises that have given me in my life,” he said through a message on his Instagram account.

“Yesterday when I got up there were around 800 roses in the whole house and it was too magical a moment. Every time I pass him I shoot pictures 😂 I LOVE it too much! I can’t explain it, ”she added excitedly.

“My heart is so full ❤️ these are the lil moments i’ll treasure forever. Thank you. (My heart is so full ❤️ these are the little moments that I will treasure forever. Thank you) ”, he highlighted.

“Thanks to all who sent me their good wishes and congratulations, little by little I am responding.”

Although Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2017 did not specify who had the splendid detail towards her, the actor Jencarlos Canela joined the congratulatory comments on the social network.

“You deserve that and more,” wrote the singer, who after living together as a couple in Los Angeles, California, in the summer shared that Danna would be back to Puerto Rico to be with her family during this time of pandemic by the coronavirus, while he would be visiting Miami, Florida to share with his. However, he did not specify whether the physical separation also ended the relationship that began in 2018.

Currently, the musician is working in Canada as part of filming the comedy Man From Toronto, starring Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson.

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