#EndSARS: Tanker Drivers Shutdown Yola- Jalingo Highway Over Police Brutality – Travel

Major Nigerian towns are currently facing fierce protests by youths under the banner of #EndSARS to protest police brutality and bad governance.

Officials of the Petrol Tanker Drivers union said the situation, which grounded commercial activities, is regrettable.

An eyewitness, Muhammad Ali, said that the incident occurred when police officers from Karewa area command in Yola accosted a tanker driver who was transferring fuel from his reserve tank to the main tank and demanded a bribe.“A tanker driver whose fuel got exhausted was trying to transfer fuel to the main tank from his reservoir.

” Some policemen from Karewa area command who are notorious for extorting motorists accosted the tanker driver and demanded bribe from him.

“When he failed to heed to their demand, they descended on him, beat him up to stupor and even tore his clothes. The people have to swoop on the policemen, rescue the hapless man and rushed him to hospital,” Mr Ali said.

Another eye witness Sale Baba, an official of the tanker drivers, said that “we are tired of the atrocities being perpetrated by the police. That is why this time they shut down the highway to demand justice for one of them who was brutalized for committing no crime.

” The situation is now causing serious tension as commuters plying the highway have become stranded for hours.

“The authorities should take stiffer action to ensure that such policemen are brought to justice as they constitute a threat to peace and security,” Mr Zaiti said.

Reacting, the police spokesman in the state, Sulaiman Nguroje, said he was intimated about the development and the commissioner of police had deployed a team to ascertain the situation.

“I have heard about the commotion and commissioner had since deployed a team to investigate.

” We will surely take the proper action. If the police are found wanton in this regard, Adamawa police command will not hesitate to mete out punishment to them.“He ordered that the alleged police officers be arrested,” he said.

The police command, earlier this year, dismissed one of its men for allegedly killing a motorcycle rider in Maiha local government area if the state.

It’s time for everyone to come together and fight a common enemy, our so called leaders and polithiefcians will start respecting the youths more as a result of this act and demonstrations that brought about national unity.


I was with a group today in Warri protesting about police brutality

To my surprise, very few people mentioned SARS OR POLICE BRUTALITY..LOL

Everyone was complaining about the no light, and bad roads all over the community..lol

The Northerners are behind..we’ve moved on from SARS


Buhari must go….

Very good. They should also have beaten the policemen.

Sorosoke jor. Buhari, a good man with bad intentions.
#endpolicebrutality# Restructure now.

Good. ..No time for nonsense

The matter go soon tie wrapper, wear gele join.

Our fathers have failed us..The youths won’t fail their generation!!

naija youths dey vex oo

if all those okada riders can join this cause. it will be so massive that we will all be left in awe

#EndSARS #EndBuhari #EndUselessLeadersInNigeria

This is the worst time to be a police man in Nigeria

Nigeria sweet now even when am broke


Everybody dey para

Anybody protesting in favour of police men in this country is either been plain stupid,or just playing foolish politics.

You would hear that 6 billion naira was used to feed the protesters by now if the protest was being sponsored by Nigerian government #sorosoke

Buhari must go….

I dont care if Buhari rules to 2023 as long as he doesnt make any attempt to forcefully truncate this organic movement of the people.

Lets continue to protest, mobilize and eventually organise ourselves with clear goals and then vote out Buhari, APC, PDP and all the old guard in 2023(except like i said they tried using force in which case we would face the cowards head on NOW)

The thing going on there is not a protest

Some group of young boys are there to rob

Many many have been robbed of there belongings this evening

I saved many today

I have videos of the things going on there

We match on…..

E don dey make sense already ,….soro soke

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