Fitness Influencer Dead At 33 From COVID-19 Complications After Telling Followers Virus Wasn’t Real

It shouldn’t take another unfortunate story like this one to convince you that the coronavirus still poses a very real threat to our lives.

A fitness influencer named Dmitriy Stuzhuk has passed away after suffering complications related to contracting COVID-19, after previously telling his followers that the virus did not exist. He was just 33 years old. The social media star’s ex-wife and mother of his three kids, Sofia Stuzhuk, confirmed his death in a heartbreaking Instagram post shared on Saturday.

Translated from Russian to English per E! News, Sofia’s message on Dmitriy’s passing reads:

“Yes, we didn’t have a good relationship. Yes, there were many problems. But this relationship gave us so much. We have lived and experienced so much with you. You were there in sorrow and in joy… I will remain grateful to you for the rest of my life for our three beautiful children.”

She continued:

“We were no longer together, but it hurts me no less. I am so sorry… I’m sorry. Thank you for everything, my important person, my main teacher, my guide, the father of my children. You are our guardian angel and your love will always protect our angels. How painful it is to realize… Blessed memory of you, Dima Stuzhuk.”

A beautiful set of family photos featuring Dmitriy and his three kids David, Lola, and Olivia during happier times were shared along with the sad announcement post, as seen (below):

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Я пришла к тебе маленькой 19летней Сонечкой, а ушла взрослой и независимой Софией Стужук. ⠀ Да, у нас не сложились отношения. Да, было много проблем. Но эти отношения дали так много нам???????? Мы столько всего с тобой прожили и пережили. Ты был рядом и в горе и в радости. Ты научил меня столькому многому. Я на всю жизнь останусь тебе благодарна за наших троих прекрасных детей За весь бесценный опыт И за то, кем я с тобой стала Ты встретил меня совсем юной. Обычной 19летней девчонкой, студенткой 2го курса. Полюбил меня, как умел. Забрал к себе и заботился так, как умел. Ты дал так много мне уроков. Я с тобой выросла. Я с тобой стала мамой троих прекрасных деток и даже одного небесного. Я с тобой научилась принимать важные решения. Я с тобой научилась быть взрослой и независимой. Я с тобой стала самодостаточной. Я с тобой нашла свои травмы и боли. Я нашла над чем работать. Я нашла точки роста. Я трансформировалась сумасшедше. Я стала Софией Стужук. Я постоянно придумывала что-то новое и меняла мнение по миллион раз, а ты всё принимал. На любой мой движ ты соглашался в основном с энтузиазмом. Всегда поддерживал любые мои идеи, всегда выслушивал, прислушивался и старался понять. Ты был со мной в самые сложные и самые прекрасные моменты моей жизни. Мы с тобой прожили самый прекрасный опыт на свете рождения наших детей. И твоя поддержка была бесценна. Да, ты никогда не дружил с камерой и сам мне об этом говорил. Но в жизни ты всегда направлял меня и часто давал мне нужные и мудрые советы???????? За нашими плечами остались 6 лет полных событий. Десятки путешествий, куча эмоций. Господи, как же мне горько, что ты не прислушивался ко мне по поводу здоровья???????? Но мы всегда уважали выборы друг друга❤️ Мы уже больше не были вместе, но от этого мне больно не меньше. Мне так жаль Мне очень жаль Благодарю тебе за всё, важный мой человек, мой главный учитель, мой проводник, отец моих деток❤️ Ты наш ангел-хранитель и твоя любовь всегда будет оберегать наших ангелочков❤️ Как же больно осознавать Светлая тебе память, Дима Стужук????????

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According to additional reporting from The Sun, the fitness influencer contracted the novel virus during a trip to Turkey and was later treated in his native Ukraine. Earlier this week, he uploaded an IG post titled, “CORONAVIRUS ‘COVID’, DAY 8,” where he updated his one million followers on his ailing health:

“As you all know from stories, I am sick with coronavirus. Today, after returning home, for the first time there was an enthusiasm for at least writing something. I want to share how I got sick and convincingly warn everyone: I also thought that there was no covid… Until I got sick. COVID-19 IS NOT A SHORT-LIVED DISEASE! And it is heavy.”

Stuzhuk went on to describe symptoms that developed just two days into his trip, which included stomach aches and a swollen neck that made it “hard to breathe,” but even still — he wasn’t immediately convinced until a positive test confirmed his diagnosis:

“The next day, a cough began to appear, but there was no temperature. There were no particular symptoms of the disease either, so I thought that these could be consequences after playing sports, changing the climate and nutrition, and plus sleeping under air conditioning. After returning from Turkey, I immediately went to take various tests, do an ultrasound scan and, just in case, decided to take a COVID test. It turned out to be positive.”

It’s unclear whether or not he had been wearing a face covering or had practiced social distancing throughout his trip.

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A post shared by Dima Stuzhuk (@stuzhuk_dmitriy) on Oct 14, 2020 at 11:22am PDT

The social media sensation explained he took a CT scan, and was later “prescribed treatment” to monitor his low oxygen levels at home where it was “more convenient and comfortable.”  However, The Sun reports Dmitriy was rushed back to the hospital on Friday with Sofia noting that her ex-husband was in “extremely grave ” condition and “unconscious” by that point. He passed away shortly after being re-admitted.

We are sending so much love to Dmitriy’s family and loved ones right now as they process this loss. As we mentioned up top, it’s heartbreaking to hear that coronavirus has claimed another life. Despite the misinformation that might be out there and how some stars have chosen to ignore basic life-saving safety measures like properly wearing a face mask, we urge you all to take your health and this pandemic seriously. Don’t wait untill it’s too late.

[Image via Dmitriy Stuzhuk/Instagram]

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