Les Animaux fantastiques sur TF1 : une grande première pour J.K. Rowling au cinéma

“Fantastic Beasts”, released in 2016, is an expansion of the Harry Potter universe. It is also the first film written entirely by JK Rowling.

Fantastic Beasts : direct extension of an endless universe

Now 22 years since it was published in France Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone the JK Rowling. In 2007, the literary destiny of the scar wizard came to an end with The Deathly Hallows. The film adaptations did not drag and Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone was released in France three years after its ink and paper counterpart. The last will hit theaters in 2011 with The Deathly Hallows Part 2.

The film attracts more than 3.8 million spectators in France and brings in more than $ 810 million worldwide. A real good surprise for the newbie screenwriter who wrote it.

First successful steps

We do not know enough, but JK Rowling didn’t write any of the film adaptations from his novels. A l’exception d’Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix written by Michael Goldenberg, the other seven episodes are scripted by Steve Kloves.

So when the idea comes to launch a new franchise, Rowling thinks back to this book released in 2001: Fantastic animal life and habitat. This is’a guide that exists in the Harry Potter universe and is studied at Hogwarts. It is believed to be written by a certain Newt Dragonneau who has traveled the world to study the magical creatures that inhabit it. It’s decided, it will be her next film project and, this time, she will sign the screenplay. She then creates a new mythology which is, according to her, not a prequel, but an extension of her universe. She still incorporates elements already seen in Harry Potter since a young Dumbledore appears there as Jude Law in the sequel. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes by Grindelwald.

The most exciting thing about this project for the fans is that the story is 100% original. The third episode should be released, if all goes well, November 12, 2021. Originally thought of as a trilogy, JK Rowling has since announced that the saga Fantastic Beasts will include 5 episodes ! When the novelist launches her imagination, it is difficult to stop her. And that’s good !

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