OD Chez Nous: The new (ex) candidates are finally entering the adventure!

Today’s show was highlighted by the famous Second Chance red carpet we’ve been talking about all week! It’s been pretty intense and obviously things will change pretty quickly!

But above all, Jay wanted to mark Jordan’s birthday by offering him a trip to Toronto and the lucky one was able to invite a girl and chose to spend a few days with Naadei. They got to take a helicopter ride, climbed the CN tower and had a lot of fun. They even seemed to develop bonds …

For their part, Marjorie and Luis Maxime were able to discuss since Marjorie used, for the first time this season, one of the tablets of the mixed house. Although she tried to sort things out, Luis Maxime didn’t seem to enjoy the discussion and ended the call rather bitter.

Vincent and Noémie are the two lucky ones who made the virtual trip this week and moved to Tokyo for an evening. And as Vincent mentioned, they went deeper … Yes, yes, the two lovebirds took a new step tonight and slept very little!

Charles also used his call and spoke with Jamie before the new candidates arrived. They were able to discuss strategy and Charles wanted to be sure he could represent his boys during the red carpet.

And this famous second chance red carpet finally happened and it was definitely fun! The candidates of the mixed house were able to have a front row seat and even judge the presentations of the new candidates. The boys and girls watched it all from the comfort of their homes.

Julie-Anne introduced herself first and even took the time to wish Jordan happy birthday, her main crush. Naadei didn’t seem to appreciate the attention, but Jordan was charmed by her sweet words. Kevin for his part has shown his interest in Stacey, who did not seem very concerned … Cintia for his part rather wants to have fun this year and Kiari wants to be himself and be less “in the game”. Karine mentioned that she has evolved since her last stint at OD and promises that she will be wiser this year.

And after all these beautiful presentations, Jay announced that all these beautiful people were entering directly into the adventure and not just anywhere, in the famous mixed house! Moreover, there was no elimination this evening. And as you guessed if you did a quick little calculation: there is still a place for a boy in the mixed house. Vincent, Patrick and Charles therefore had to deliberate in order to know which of them was going to keep his place in the mixed house. It’s no big surprise that Charles was able to convince everyone to stay in his brand new home.

As soon as they entered the house, the new candidates wasted no time and confessed to Charles that his ex told Quebec that they were still in a relationship during his hearing. He really did not appreciate this news and we saw a Charles a little upset …

The candidates met for a party, which allowed them to get to know each other. Marjorie immediately went to see Kiari, Patrick spoke with Karine, Charles took the time to explain the situation with his ex to Eloise. But what was most surprising was the almost instantaneous attraction between Jordan and Julie-Anne who were very flirty tonight! Stacey and Jamie gave each other a dry little bill and Patrick and Naadei quietly, but surely confirm their relationship.

Karine felt a little neglected during the party and had a first crisis (yes, yes, already) and Cintia tried somehow to console her, but found it a little too funny, which created a moment perfectly funny.

Although there was no elimination tonight, there was still a supper with the mixed house. Jay took the opportunity to ask the candidates if they are interested in another candidate from their house, Kiari, Kevin, Julie-Anne and Karine have been drinking. Charles then justified himself by saying that he would have drunk if he was not so in love with Eloise. Cintia mentioned being interested in Marjorie, the latter also made a similar comment to the girls after the party. Will we have a first homosexual couple in OD?!?

Jay also announced that there will be O.Defi this week and that contestants will be able to challenge a boy and a girl from the mixed house …

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