Paris Hilton claims she started the trend of “getting paid to party”

The Hilton heiress is known to be the Party Queen, and it is not odd when she confesses that it was, once upon a time, her job to be at parties. The socialite was recently in the news when she called off her wedding with Chris Zylka, who had apparently gifted Paris with a $2.2 million ring. She is once again making headlines with her confessions about her previous job, where she would be invited at parties to pose as an eye-candy.

While promoting her new fragrance, Platinum Rush, Hilton spoke to Weekend Today, where she mentioned that she was the first celebrity who pioneered the concept of getting paid to party. She said, “That was a business I started in. I was the first person to ever get paid to party and it was a very lucrative business and I’ve turned it into a worldwide empire.”

She further stated, “So, I think when a lot of people would see me at these parties and events they didn’t really realize I was actually there working. It was my job.” The reality star turned business mogul had earlier stated that she is an inspiration to men and women alike.

At the launch of her 24th fragrance, Platinum Rush, in Melbourne on Friday, the 37-year-old claimed, “I’m a woman on Twitter, I’m an inspiration all around the world. I work so hard and I love what I do. I love being an inspiration to men and women around the world. I have [designed] handbags, makeup [lines], jewelry, lingerie, clothing, shoes, watches, baby clothes. Basically, if there’s a product, I make it.”

Hilton, who is now basking under the glory of her newly released chain of perfume, also spoke about her tumultuous friendship with Kim Kardashian.

The Hilton Hotels heiress claimed to have spoken to the global celebrity just a couple of weeks ago, and apparently, it went pretty well. She told, “Everything’s great. We’ve known each other since we were little girls. I love her and I am so proud of her, she’s such an amazing businesswoman.”

However, Hilton’s pride in her own achievements was evident when she once again claimed, “I feel so proud. I feel like a pioneer, and I’ve really paved the way for so many people, and [I’m] an inspiration to men and women all around the world.”

Looks like the millionaire heiress is doing pretty well post-split, regarding which a source has claimed, “Paris broke up with Chris a few weeks ago. Their relationship moved really quickly and she realized he wasn’t right for her.”

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