‘Red Light on Gaadi off’ campaign launched by Arvind Kejriwal to cut down pollution

A new campaign to cut down air pollution is launched by Arvind Kejriwal ‘ Red light on Gaadi off’. The campaign aims to minimize idling. Idling is a term referred to when engines are on while waiting on the traffic signal.

‘Red Light on Gaadi off’ campaign launched by Arvind Kejriwal to cut down pollution

The Chief Minister said that with this new campaign people will be encouraged to switch the engines of their vehicles while waiting at traffic signals. Kejriwal appealed to all motorists to switch off the engine of their vehicles on a red light. He said,”

Covid-19 has led to distress among people, let’s ensure that pollution doesn’t make things worse for us.”

Kejriwal said that around 10 million vehicles are registered in the capital. And if out of 10 million, 1 million will also follow the campaign, then PM10 emissions can ve reduced by 1.5 tonnes a year. Further, PM2.5 emissions will also be reduced by 0.4 tonnes per year.

The pollution levels in Delhi continue to remain in a very poor category each day. We usually don’t switch the engines on traffic signals. This is termed as idling. New anti-pollution campaign. Red Light on, Gaadi off will aim to bring a behavioural change and avoid idling. The campaign aims to reduce air pollution in Delhi.

Experts say that you can save upto Rs 7000 a year if you avoid idling. It is reported that a car on average is left idling for about 15 to 20 minutes a day. And in this way, you exhaust at least 200ml of fuel. Also, Idling consumes more fuel than a normal drive. The new campaign is another step towards reducing pollution in Delhi.

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