Sammy Davis Jr Biopic From Producer Lena Waithe in the Works at MGM

MGM is all ready to release a Sammy Davis Jr. biopic which will be based on Sammy Davis Jr. My father, which is a book written by Tracey Davis who is Davis’ daughter and Dolores A. Barclay. The script of the film featuring the biography is being written by David Matthews who is a fifty two year old American screenwriter and author.

Apart from this, there are a total of four producers who are working on the film, they are Lena Waithe, Rishi Rajani, Julia Lebedev and Eddie Vaisman. This film will be a must watch for all those who wish to make a career in singing and follow their passion. and we all know how difficult that is.


Daughter of the American singer, dancer and actor, Tracey Davis who is also the writer of the biography said that she is very excited to know that his father’s life both personal and public will be shown to his fans at the big screens with help of very amazing storytellers. She also said that his father’s life was not easy, but he did everything to make it great and they will do the same thing with the film as well.

The Emmy winning writer Waithe said that Sammy Davis was one of the most impactful and influential figure and idol in United States of America. The writer also expressed how happy and honored he is to be a part of the team which is sharing the memories of the singer to his fans and the audience.

This film will be the third project which will feature the life of the singer who died at the age of sixty four in 1990 in the month of May on sixteen. The singer was known for many genres like pop, jazz and big band etc.

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