Sanwo-Olu Explains The Judicial Panel Of Inquiry – Politics

For the clarification of the general public and in view of the inauguration of The Judicial Panel of Inquiry and Restitution into SARS Abuses happening tomorrow, I want to put out the terms of reference of the panel.

The ToR are essentially the following…

* To listen to & take evidence from all victims or the families of victims of SARS abuse within Lagos State (somewhat akin to what the Truth and Reconciliation Committee did in some countries). This would enable all victims & their families air and vent their grievances in public.

* The Judicial Panel after listening to victims or their families would then determine whether any victim or the dependents of such victims are entitled to compensation and the amount of compensation payable.

* Upon determining the compensation payable, the Judicial Panel is to immediately issue a check in favour of the victim or their dependents.

* The Judicial Panel is also to determine the officers (or anyone for that matter) responsible for abusing any victim and to recommend the prosecution of such persons.

* The Panel shall also have powers to make recommendations to Government on how to ensure that the Police and all security agencies never abuse the rights of citizens again.

* The Panel has the powers to compel and summon witnesses to appear before it. The State Government expects the Panel to use these powers to ensure that all necessary parties appear before the Panel to testify.

We identify wholeheartedly with the calls for reforms of the Police. A better run and administered Police force would undoubtedly be to the advantage of the Government and all residents of the state.

Our stance is Zero tolerance for Police Brutality. The setting up of the Judicial Panel is a very important step in the journey to reforming the Police. We urge all citizens of Lagos to partner with us in this journey.

We appreciate and recognize the efforts of the youths which has made this necessary change inevitable.

Together, we will #EndPoliceBrutality and reform the Police #ForAGreaterLagos.

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Lets be watching

Resistance to tyranny is service to God.

Wayward Pikin.


Good. Let the family get justice. Let them be compesated too.The people are stronger than the govt

Buhari must go


Ok na… Front page…. ���

the panel should be swift and decisive, any officer found guilty should be prosecuted and send to prison and they should tatoo dismissed SARS on his fore head so inmates will know what to do with him or her in prison .

and they should start wearing bodycam that will help stop the madness because every report that comes in will have a video feed to back the story …no more dem say dem say.


now I have read,watch and hear stories of how police brutalize torture and kill people, if that can be proven and compensation issued, that would be a start… because the #endsars protest is not just about sars..

my other concern however is how much evidence can you keep from a police who shot your friend a year ago, how can you prove a police man took you to the ATM and asked you to withdraw for them a month ago,

they are the ones to gather that evidence, I don’t think I have seen anybody washing his wound in a way it would pain him..

the only evidence we can get is getting the incident on camera,


We’ll surely get there .. By God’s grace..

God bless Lagos State. God bless Nigeria.

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This country needs total overhauling, maybe the whites should take over.

Way to go actually but it way beyond Police reforms now, Revolution is here and it’s here, you all may need resign your post cause nothing seems working in 9ja anymore#WeNeedEmploymentsForYouth#BetterHealthCare#CutInPoliticiansFATsalaries#TotalOverHauling#BubuCanResign plzzz

When will Oyetola do this

That’s not what we need at this point. Beyond SARS, all we need is to get this country working again


God bless the federal republic of Nigeria.


I am proud of this generation


Who should be explaining this? Lagos State government or federal government?


Implement it and let’s see

i.e I am a rich man/ pastor i can use police to arrest and maltreat you.

long list of people…. The Fatoyinbo’s, Apostle Sulieman, Dbanj, Mr Pastor Ibitoye, Peter Obi, other unlisted people. (This people worse pass Buhari)

Buhari must go


A better Nigeria is what we want..

Sanwo olu is actually trying kudos to him obviously he’s using all these to get ppl attention for second term

Good move. Good governor

How can you think you can compensate for life?How can you “Prize” the amount a family would be getting as compensation.

Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, you have no right to force or compel any witness to appear before the panel. Some families are still wallowing in shock of the gruesome murder of their loved ones and the false allegations the police tagged them with.Some, 4 years after the death of their loved ones are still living in the trauma of the loss.

Sparogatively, this is just a slipshod! Go and do your homework well!

Good Intentions, wrong approach!#EndSARS#EndBadGovernance#RestructureNow

Nice one, but we will remain on the street till the panel concludes its work..

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