SNEAK PEEK: Preview Marvel’s SPIDER-WOMAN #5

With not just her life but her family’s on the line, Spider-Woman takes desperate action! As her own body turns against her and with her enemies so close to home, can Jess hold herself together in time to save everyone?! An unmissable blockbuster 100th issue with all the stops pulled and no punches pulled!

Written by: Karla Pacheco

Art by: Pere Perez, Mattia De Iulis

Cover Art by: Greg Land

Spider-Woman swings onto the shelves on October 21st!

SNEAK PEEK: Preview Marvel’s SPIDER-WOMAN #5
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Author: Mike Eakins

I remember stealing my older brother’s copy of a Punisher comic and it was all down hill from there. I went to a Navy recruiter’s office with the promise of cake. I was lied to and 20 years later here I am. I enjoy summers off with my family at our timeshare on Gallifrey.

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