The Valdeavellano de Tera outbreak already has 73 positives when affecting a residence

The Junta de Castilla y León reports that the outbreak declared in the Soria town of Valdeavellano de Tera, at this time, the number of positive cases amounts to 73 and close contacts in follow-up to 155.

As already reported last Friday, when a worker from the nursing home for the elderly was detected among the positives of this outbreak, the corresponding protocols were activated and the COVID Residences team traveled to the center to perform the corresponding diagnostic tests, in collaboration with the team. Primary Care of the Soria Rural health center and health managers of the residence.

At this time, the balance of the outbreak is as follows: 73 positive cases by PCR, of which 31 are from the social health field (30 residents and a worker from the center) and 42 from the social field. We must regret, today, the death of one of the residents (with a positive CRP) in the Emergency Service of the Santa Bárbara Hospital.

Tomorrow, the COVID Residences team, in collaboration with the Primary Care team of the Soria Rural health center, will return to the residential center to, in collaboration with the center’s health team, consult and evaluate the status of residents’ health, few of whom present symptoms so far.


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