Usher Tried To Seize A Church Member’s Phone In Church (Video) – Religion

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Right Or Wrong?

is he seizing the phone, did he buy it for her? the church is now a military camp

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What if the person was using ebible?

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Usher Raymond….

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Nevertheless, be advised that many are mad, and even fewer are roaming.


Wayward Pikin.

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But in the spirit of #EndSARS campaign, it is human rights abuse to try to seize someone’s phone. The right thing should be to send the person out of the church or get police order to confiscate any phone used during service inside the church.

If non of these were done, then we can simply say the #EndSARS campaign is to enlighten Nigerians to always do the right thing. Whether police, politicians, pastors, teachers, doctors, lawyers, custom, lecturers, students.

Everyone, endeavour to do the right thing!

PS: I just can’t wait to be in a public vehicle and see a police man attempt to collect their usual bribe from the driver. That police man will be a goner!

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How can you seize her phone Na you buy her the phone ?Fvk Shit


She for forget hot slap for him face! Nonsense!!

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Abeg no be by force to hear sermon. No be by force to come church also.

Usher vs member.

Member is always right.

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Some women Dey carry their dirty room habits come church. I once sat in front of 2 ladies at a night vigil. These ladies were chewing gum and gossiping all through the night that it affected my concentration; they were just right at my back, cracking gum and Making noise. the guys sitting close to them just SIMPly kept quiet. I had to scold them before they kept their voice low almost when the vigil was ending.

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Deputy Jesus on the beat.


usher whey follow me try this rubbish, I go slap ham


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He don dey do im own for church


End Ushers brutality…..

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Na so oppression dey start. An average Nigerian is a ‘SARS’ in his or her sphere of influence. Always tends to misuse power when in a position of authority.


Govt, employers, police, SARS, pastors, now ushers etc. … all of them believe that the majority of Nigerians are brainless/spineless and thus can be exploited at will.


Thunder fire am..

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He don dey do im own for church

E get one wea sha wan force me mak I siddon for front DAT year, Oboi e for collect if no be my 0.7 say mak d mata die


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