Véro and Louis’ children steal the show in a new photoshoot!

WOOOW! Since when did the children of Vero and Louis did they become models?

Delphine and Justin morissette took the pose under the attentive eye of the photographer Emilie Hebert and the result is magnificent!

The eldest and the youngest Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette steal the show in this new photoshoot aimed at renewing their casting photos; just missing the youngest, the adorable Raphaëlle, to complete the perfect family portrait!

Emilie Hebert

Emilie Hebert

When will the photos of the whole family be together? We would very much like to see the chemistry operate between all the members!

Louis Morissette blew out its 47 candles last July! For the occasion, the popular actor, screenwriter, comedian and above all proud dad, shared a most touching shot alongside his three children!

Pssst! The couple’s children were adorable on the evening of Gemini 2019, posing for the media in the press room.

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