Why the delay could save the movie and get us more sequels

For those of us looking forward to ending 2020 with a brand-new cinematic science-fiction epic, the news that Denis Villeneuve’s Dune would be delayed until 2021 was a pretty big letdown. Just weeks after the first trailer for Dune got us all fired-up, the news came that we’d all have to wait a year to finally see those sandworms rise.

But, maybe this delay is good for Dune. Or, more specifically, maybe the long wait is better for the success of the first movie. After all, if Dune had tanked, there would be no chance of any new Dune sequels.

Here’s why the delay of Dune might be the best thing that could have happened — and might ensure that we’ll get several more sequels in the series over the next ten years.

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