Wisin apologizes to women for the macho content of his songs

For years the urban genre has been accused of objectifying women through its lyrics, and at some point promoting violence against them.

In this regard, Wisin considers that this was due to the little experience that the exponents had at that time.

However, the musician reproaches any act of violence against women, so today, being one of the most important reggaeton singers, he seeks to help promising young women who wish to make their way into music.

“At the beginning of the reggaeton boom due to immaturity (they talked about women like that), our lyrics were not aimed at making women great in many aspects and one learns from mistakes; We discovered that the true power is the girls, how good because we understood it in time; today Natti Natasha, Becky G, Karol G and Jennifer López represent what millions of women can become ”.

The 41-year-old singer is concerned about the femicides that affect Latin America and especially Puerto Rico, a country that so far this year has registered about 40 femicides.

“Justice in Puerto Rico must be stricter with this type of case, I cannot understand how today it has not been eradicated.”

Although Wisin considers that the media have had their share of responsibility in the way in which women have been objectified, he is also aware that the problem comes from home and therefore considers that families should also educate their children in favor of respect and equality between men and women.

“The most important thing is the family, I have two children and I believe that parents should educate, we give a lot of responsibility to the school, the school and the media, but we have to give our children the tools so that when they face atrocious situations they take correct decisions ”, indicated.

The musician asks the authorities to be punctual with the searches for women who disappear every day and with the punishments that are given to those who attempt against their life and integrity.

“There are things that we must attack head on, we cannot allow a girl to be kidnapped or disappeared and the search begins until two days later, because you are giving 48 hours to people who have no scruples to do what they want with them, and it should not be allowed ”.

In her eagerness to participate in the empowerment of women within her musical genre, Wisin joined director Jessy Terrero to make Bravas, a YouTube Originals series, produced by Natti Natasha, which takes place in Puerto Rico and revolves around three young people who want to succeed in the music industry, while facing social pressure and seeking to position themselves in a world dominated, mostly, by the male figure.

“Women today have enormous power, not only in music, but in any area of ​​society. It is a plot based on girls who want to dedicate themselves to music, the message is that they know that it is possible and there are no limits, I like being in this because I feel that I am contributing to something that can help, “he added.

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