You Can Crochet Your Own Elf Slippers For The Holidays And They Are So Cute

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What kind of elf magic is this? These are the cutest holiday bootie socks EVER, and you can make them yourself!

I, seriously, want to make these for all my BFFs! We can all match — and then maybe we can have a Group Watch Party on Disney+, and it will be just like we are all hanging out again!!

These crocheted holiday booties have directions for ELEVEN different sizes, so you KNOW there is going to be a size that works for your loved one!

Baby Small: 0-6mosBaby Large: 6-12 MosToddler Small: 12-24 moToddler Large: 2-4 yrsYouth Small: 5-6 yrsYouth Large: 7-10 yoTeen / Adult Small: Women’s: 5-7, Mens: 5Adult Med: Womens: 7-9, Mens: 6-8Adult Large: Womens: 10-12, Mens: 9-11Santa: Men’s: 11-13

This is classified as an “intermediate” skill level project, and there are certain crochet skills that you will need to know how to do.

Basic Sts: sl st, SK, Ch, Sc, Hdc, DcAdvanced Sts: Sc2Tog, Hdc2Tog, Dc2Tog, Dc3Tog, Standing Sc, Standing Hdc, Standing DcTechniques: Working in the BLO and FLO. Familiarity with Join Sts.

Y’all, if you are anything like me, you will head on over to YouTube, and teach yourself these stitches. You can learn ANYTHING on YouTube, Amirite?!?


Now, it is very important that we are clear here — you are NOT paying for a pair of these holiday booties. What you are paying for is the PDF instructions for making your own pair.

The instructions are SO detailed, and you get over 50 pictures with the pattern. It will walk you through the making of these holiday booties every step of the way.

You can go get yourself the pattern for these holiday booties for $5.50 on the HandHeartandSole on Etsy.

While you are at the Etsy website, you totally have to check out these Sea Glass Christmas trees! Y’all, they are so beautiful!

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