The reason some NCIS fans are upset about season 18

“How silly is that [decision] when the public is desperate for new content,” one fan, responding to NCIS’ reduced episode count. “The networks are wondering why they are losing viewers to streaming. This [is] one of the reasons why.”

Another shared their dismay over the news by  alongside two crying-face emojis, “#NCIS S18 will be shorter.”

With any luck, less will be more for the upcoming season, which promises to delve into plenty of new and exciting territory. Relative newcomer to the NCIS cast Wilmer Valderrama, who has played Special Agent Nick Torres on the show since season 14, has been teasing his fans with a deep-dive into his character’s nebulous past.

He told TV Insider, “I don’t know what’s in store for any of the other characters, but for my character specifically, we’re going to be finding out so much more about his past this season. This season is going to really focus a lot on where he really came from, what was his upbringing and his family, so we’re going to get learn a little bit more about his family since Torres has been such a mystery to the audience for the last four years. It’s going to be fun to peel some of the layers off and really give the audience a little bit more justification of why he is the way he is.”

There’s still plenty to get excited about when NCIS returns on November 17, 2020. It’s just, you know, there won’t be as much of it.

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