Watch Dogs Legion Masks Locations Guide

Our Watch Dogs Legion Mask Locations Guide will help you collect all the Masks in London by giving you the locations of each and every single one of the masks available in WDL.

Watch Dogs Legion Mask Locations

There are a total of 38 Masks available for the taking in Watch Dogs Legion.

Much like other collectibles, most of them can be quite easily obtained while some will make you work for them.

However, fret not; we’ve got you covered as our guide below outlines the location of each one of them.

So, let’s begin!

City of Westminster Masks

Mask # 1On the ledge at Perry Harris Redevelopment.

Mask # 2Next to a couple of barrels at Broca Tech.

Mask # 3At the entrance of Buckingham Palace Gardens.

Mask # 4Inside the safe house, on the stairway leading to the first floor.

Mask # 5Over a crate in the Downing Street.

Mask # 6On the computer table inside London Carriage Service.

Mask # 7Inside New Scotland Yard, on a side table, next to a computer table.

Mask # 8On the wooden table inside the Somerset House.

Mask # 9Inside Thorne’s Felts, on a wooden table, accessible through the pipeline.

Camden Masks

Mask # 1Inside the control room of Albion Internment Centre.

Mask # 2On the roof of Camden Market.

Mask # 3On a computer table at St. Pancras International.

Islington and Hackney Masks

Mask # 1On the computer table on the third floor of the Sandstone Residence.

Mask # 2Inside a room with a glass door entrance in FoodTown.

Mask # 3On the second highest ledge at World of Tomorrow.

Mask # 4Inside the Museum of the Home, near a couple of sacks.

Tower Hamlets Masks

Mask # 1Inside the train station of Helmsmans Tracks.

Mask # 2Over a table on the first floor of Cemetery Park, with a guardian protecting it.

Mask # 3On the balcony of Limehouse Garden.

City of London

Mask # 1Amongst the pillars of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Mask # 2Inside the TV room of the Walkie Talkie.

Mask # 3In the rightward rathole from the entrance of The Roberts and Scott Hall.

Mask # 4In the storage room beneath London Bridge.

Mask # 5Near the London Bridge.

Mask # 1Over a crate at Rotherhithe Docks.

Mask # 2On the bottom of the stairs, leading to the ground floor.

Mask # 3Over the steel cupboard on the second floor of Southwark.

Mask # 4In the storage room of the Nexus Tower.

Mask # 5On the roof of Martlet’s Nest.

Mask # 6On the roof of the Xcess.

Mask # 7Inside the phone booth at The London Lens.

Mask # 8On the top of Brixton Barrier Block.

Mask # 9On top of the Brixton Recreation Centre.

Mask # 10Over the generators on the roof of the European Processing Centre.

Mask # 11On the topmost ledge of MI-6 Building.

Mask # 12On the topmost ledge of Embassy Garden.

Mask # 13On the ledge towards the left of the Battersea’s entrance.

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