Navarra registers 152 positive cases for COVID-19 in the centers for the elderly

Navarra registers 152 positive cases for COVID-19 in the centers for the elderly caused by several outbreaks that have already been identified, a situation that contrasts with the only 4 active cases that remain in the centers for disability, according to data provided by the department of Social rights. With this trend the trend of decreases in the cases registered in recent days is broken, the Government has indicated.

The department headed by María Carmen Maeztu has communicated that despite the current situation, work is being done “to recover the visits and exits from the residences”, a situation that will be faced when the epidemiological situation improves in the autonomous community.

The number of active cases in the centers for the elderly, which, as already indicated, stands at 152 people out of the 5,171 who reside there. A large part of these people remain in residences and have not required hospitalization, specifically there are 116, of which 52 present some type of symptom and 64 are asymptomatic. Another 28 have been transferred to intermediate resources and 8 people have needed hospital admission.

At the Bera residence, where one of the latest outbreaks has been identified, PCR tests have been carried out on all of the residents. The result that they have offered has been 30 positive cases that, at this moment, are pending evaluation and that remain in the center.

On the other hand, there have already been 269 epidemiological discharges that have not required subsequent isolation. Regarding the loss of professionals, there have been 81, with 59 symptomatic positives and 22 asymptomatic.

Since last July 1, 61 elderly people have died from residential centers, 39 in hospitals and 22 in the residence itself.


Regarding people with disabilities, the trend of decreasing active cases is maintained, 4 at this time, out of the 966 people currently residing in the centers. Of these, 4 are hospitalized, while 2 remain asymptomatic at their residence.

In addition, 53 people have received epidemiological discharge, with no new deaths, 3 since last July 1. Likewise, there are 26 workers who have caused sick leave due to Covid-19 in these centers, of which 15 are symptomatic and 11 asymptomatic.

Councilor Maeztu has reiterated, once again, that “As the epidemiological situation evolves favorably, isolation measures may be relaxed and that your department is already working to recover visits to the centers, which will be done in a phased manner, establishing the necessary security measures and limiting and regulating in the possible circulation of many people within the enclosure ”.

He also recalled that “visits are maintained in three exceptional cases: the end of life; the relief of neurocognitive decompensation of the resident person; or situations of serious deterioration of the psycho-affective situation of the resident person, always complying with strict safety regulations ”.

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