Ottoman Turks Get Picked Off by a Serial Killer in New Video ’35 to Life’

Texas country-punk-garage rock outfit Ottoman Turks cook up some molten, Black Sabbath-influenced riffs with their new song “35 to Life.” The track, accompanied by a gory, slasher flick-style video, will appear on the group’s second album, titled Ottoman Turks II, which arrives on March 5th, 2021.

In “35 to Life,” the band looks to the scene and aftermath of one of Dallas’ best-known tragedies: the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Fittingly for the scuzzy, grimy musical backdrop, their lyrics imagine the former leader as a reanimated zombie with a penchant for fast cars and women, bent on world domination, sprinkling in several of the Dallas locations where this Kennedy might spend his post-mortem nights.

Wells describes Ottoman Turks II as “essentially the second half of a double album” to complement their debut. “OT II is rowdier, faster, more complex. We all get a chance to sing. It showcases the full range of OT style and sounds, and ends up playing a lot like our live show.”

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