Post Malone Was Almost On The New Fleet Foxes Album

Post Malone’s love of Fleet Foxes is well-documented. He once “if you don’t like flee foxes then fuck you.” Last year, he sang along to “The Shrine/An Argument” while smoking a cigarette; “This made my day ha,” Robin Pecknold wrote on his Instagram story in response.

Well, it seems that that moment was just one small piece of a beautiful friendship. And when Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold went on’s New Arrivals show this week, he revealed that Posty was almost on Shore, the new Fleet Foxes album that came out a couple of months ago.

“He’ll text me every once in a while and it’s always a really fun thing to receive,” Pecknold said. “To have that pop up in my iMessages, it always feels like a glitch in the Matrix or something.”

“He came by the studio for one day while we were working in LA and listened to stuff and was super supportive,” Pecknold continued. “We didn’t get together in time because I wanted to get the album out quickly, but I did ask him to be on it. He was down but we just didn’t end up having time.”

“He’s a super sweet guy, he’s a real gentleman, and he’s probably the best melody writer in the business right now. I think,” Pecknold concluded. “And by some glitch in the Matrix we have a casual friendship.” At the end of the interview, Pecknold added that his favorite Post Malone tracks are “Circles” and “that Spiderman song.”

if you don’t like flee foxes then fuck you

— Posty (@PostMalone)

but back to what i said last night. fleet foxes is the only group that i love every single song of.

— Posty (@PostMalone)

no but really, i will put out a fleet foxes cover real soon

— Posty (@PostMalone)

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