The visual identity of the Dieu du Ciel microbrewery! fully modified for the first time! [PHOTOS]

In the last four years alone, nearly one hundred new brewing companies have sprung up in Quebec. The microbrewery market is growing exceptionally, the expectations and tastes of beer lovers are also constantly evolving, it is therefore important that companies meet the desires of their customers to retain them.

Since its creation in 1998, the Quebec microbrewery Good Lord! has never had any major changes to its brand image. For the first time in 22 years, the complete visual identity will be transformed; from packaging to logos, to the renovations that will take place in their establishments to reflect all the changes. The aim of the process is to improve the visibility of their products on the shelves of their 1,280 points of sale across Quebec. By standardizing the appearance of their products up to date, consumers will be able to more easily recognize the microbrewery.

The company has been working on this change for two years now, and the announcement was officially made yesterday afternoon. For their range Classic for example, it is the artist Thala khampo which had the chance to revamp the visual. For the company, it was essential to continue to collaborate with Quebec illustrators, so we will be able to see the work of several others. local artists in the next weeks. Of course, we announce their first novelty, but it is only one of several. It will therefore be necessary to follow them on social networks or search for them on the tablets to see all their future changes!

“Our industry is in turmoil right now and we wanted to take advantage of this rejuvenation of our brand to better adapt to customer demands. For example, we will now offer more canned products in the Classic and Creation ranges. New products will also be launched in the coming weeks. »Explains Jean-Francois Gravel, co-owner and master brewer.

Good Lord! exports to eight countries across America, Europe and Asia. They produce 13,000 hectoliters in their St-Jérôme brewery and they want to increase their production to around 15,000 by 2021. The microbrewery is a source of pride in Quebec, and we wish them every success for the future!

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