These 8 unforgettable scenes made the legend of Ryan Gosling

But 2011 is definitely the year Gosling blew up the frames of his image as a smooth-looking young premier. He wins in cool attitude with Drive, in credibility with The Steps of Power and sex appeal with Crazy, Stupid, Love. Since then, he has never ceased to put himself in danger with each new film to give us a new facet of his acting.

The actor turned 40 on November 12 and we decided to draw his portrait. Here are eight unforgettable sequences from Ryan Gosling’s filmography, in which the Canadian chameleon has been able to reinvent himself to better bluff us.

Drive: excessive impulsiveness

If we had to remember only one, it would undoubtedly be the essential Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn, who propelled Ryan Gosling to new heights. In this thriller constantly oscillating between romanticism and ultra-violence, we followed this magnetic and melancholy angel face in his nocturnal wanderings behind the wheel of his Chevrolet.

A thousand emotions will then cross the face of the actor, gentleness and desire, then hatred, dark, animal, and finally shame and resignation when the elevator doors close on Irene, horrified.

Crazy, Stupid, Love: eroticism embodied

Despite his aura of a perfect gentleman since The Notebook, which he never ceased wishing to get rid of, Gosling did not forbid himself romantic comedies. But he takes the opportunity to have fun with his image of playboy a little slick and his physique “photoshopped” and that is one of the most enjoyable aspects of Crazy, Stupid, Love, a successful and effective romantic comedy.

In second place for the great successes of this feature film by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa: the alchemy of the duo he forms with Emma Stone, his partner in crime official. The humor of one and the self-mockery of the other will give birth to the legendary sequence of photoshopped abs and carried to the Dirty Dancing, Jacob’s somewhat ashamed charm asset.

The Nice Guys: self-mockery within reach

The “nice guy” the title is him, Holland March, cowardly and blundering private detective, desperate to win back the esteem of his teenage daughter. But it is also what will turn out to be the character Russell Crowe, once stripped of his shell of big arms, with which Gosling forms a duo as improbable as enjoyable.

He will take hits, both his own and those of others, during this hazy investigation, but above all, he will get his feet wet. Ryan Gosling is an actor who knows how to put himself in danger but who does not forget his personal pleasure, that of the game. And it is a feast for our eyes, as during the famous scene of the toilets where the Canadian actor has a lot. hard to be taken seriously so much his (damn) door does not want to open.

If we have seen little in the register of comedy, The Nice Guys confirmed that his gentlemanly physique also lent itself very well to that of a happy fool.

A bride like no other: fragility at its peak

Between his roles as playboy and mutic hero with a big heart, we sometimes forget a little indie parenthesis that is unlike anything else in the filmography of the Canadian actor. In 2007, before reaching fame with Drive, The Steps of Power and Crazy, Stupid, Love, Ryan Gosling had slipped into the oversized clothes of Lars, an introverted thirty-something in the American comedy A bride like no other.

Our great romantic hero is here an eternal bachelor badly in his sneakers who will invent a relationship with an inflatable doll to silence the gossip and concerns of those around him. A premise that quickly turned out to be wobbly, but a service that exuded discomfort and fragility that touched us a lot.

Blue Valentine: the hidden talent

In the heartbreak Blue Valentine, Ryan Gosling is Dean and with Cindy, Michelle Williams, he is a naturally confusing couple. This is certainly the reason why our tears cannot cease to color in the face of this ultra-realistic puzzle of a love that is falling apart.

The actor is first charming as a patient flirt, then touching as a man deeply in love but just as awkward when, six years later, it comes to saving the remains of a love in ruins. Facing him, the enchantress Michelle Williams has no equal in disenchanted lover.

Gosling took advantage of his secret singing career to seduce Williams for an improvised ukulele song, one of the rare bright scenes in this very beautiful film, before they plunged into disarray together.

La La Land: a born dancer

By replacing Miles Teller at a moment’s notice (fired from the project like a mess for having negotiated his salary for too long), Ryan Gosling landed one of the most beautiful roles of his career by slipping into the skin of jazzman Sebastien, which earned him a Oscar nomination.

He reunites with his partner Emma Stone afterCrazy, Stupid, Love et Gangster Squad to hypnotize us with his choreographies under the starry sky of Los Angeles. An ideal territory to realize her dreams: one projecting herself as an actress, the other a musician. When he’s not playing the piano in the film, Ryan Gosling dons his tap dance for an unforgettable dance number that resurrects old classics of the seventh art, fromEnterprising Mr. Petrov à All on stage.

During this “Lovely Night”, title of the song, he clicks his heels and begins to make his partner’s heart beat in front of a breathtaking view of Hollywood. Impossible not to tap your foot and remain impervious to this romantic number at will, destroyed by a ringing telephone, heralding a heartbreaking end.

Since he is an established actor, we often tend to forget that Ryan Gosling is a baby bottle to the shows of the Disney Channel, as evidenced by this video showing his best dance moves, when he was only aged 12 years. And that he is also a confirmed artist, former member of the Dead Man’s Bones, who released a very beautiful album in 2009, here on the microphone as on the piano.

First Man : exaggerated silence

Ryan Gosling is often criticized for being a poorly expressive actor. His detractors could only condemn him again for First Man, where he slips into the shoes of Neil Armstrong, more silent than ever. A lonely and confusing character, he looks like an enigma of feelings that must be constantly deciphered, under his bulky jumpsuit. Damien Chazelle embarks him on a new mission, and makes him less of a father than a legendary astronaut.

This portrait of a drifting man, obsessed with reaching the Moon to flee Earth and what it took from him, culminates in the heart-wrenching scene of the meal. Shortly before his departure, the cosmonaut faces his children whom he is about to leave, under the pleading and reproving gaze of his wife, played wonderfully by Claire Foy.

At the cost of paradox, this scene of great discussion reveals the beauty of the aphasic game specific to the actor. Willingly betrayed by a desperate gaze, he reveals the complexity of this character barely able to offer an ounce of tenderness. Sublimated by the magnificent soundtrack signed Justin Hurwitz, Ryan Gosling holds one of his most beautiful dramatic roles.

Never forget: the best kiss awarded

Kisses in the rain, the cinema has known. But not all of them were awarded an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss and played live at the ceremony. And we prefer pictures to words.

Arte also portrayed the actor in the documentary Ryan Gosling, quite simply available on

Article written with Lucille Bion.

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