iTunes.exe missing & cannot be found on Windows 10

When you try to launch iTunes, and it doesn’t launch, or throws up an error – Program not found or iTunes.exe is missing, then this post may be able to help you. This can happen if the program was uninstalled, or some virus or malware has hijacked its main executable file. One of the users reported that even when he removed the software and installed the latest version, it caused it.

iTunes.exe missing on Windows 10

Follow some of these suggested methods to fix the iTunes missing issue on your Windows PC.

Make your choice depending on which version of iTunes you have installed—The Store version or the classic exe version.

1] Scan with Antivirus

If it’s a virus issue, the antivirus should be able to find it. The virus is known to take over the registry entry. It will be quarantined and deleted. You can use Windows Defender or any other Antivirus.

Make sure to perform the scan after you boot the computer into Safe Mode.

Reboot, and install iTunes again, and we suggest you download from Microsoft Store for better security.

2] Reinstall iTunes Software

If you are launching the software from a shortcut, it could be broken. So the best way to validate it would be by going to:

When you install from the store, the app will be installed at a different location, and you can find it at:

If you do not get access to the folder, then you will have to take over. However, it is best to uninstall and reinstall from the store, so you don’t have to change anything.

3] Install the EXE version of iTunes

If you have this problem, because you have downloaded iTunes from Store, we recommend using the classic EXE version.

First, uninstall the Store version, and then go to the Apple website. On the Apple website, you have two options, the default is from Microsoft Store, but you can change it.

Go to the iTunes official download page and then scroll a little until you find Looking for other versions? Click on Windows, and it will change the store link to the EXE link.

It is known that the EXE version of iTunes offers more features compared to the Store version. So it completely makes sense to install it.

I hope the post was able to resolve the issue.

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