Royal fans go gaga over how Princess Charlotte’s smile resembles Prince William’s, who in turn gets his smile from Princess Diana

Fans of the royal family are constantly seen gushing over Princess Charlotte’s resemblance to her grandmother Princess Diana, but she’s not the only person the little one shares a resemblance with. A lot of royal watchers, after close inspection, have noticed the striking similarities between the 3-year-old and her father Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

An Instagram fan account recently posted a childhood picture of Prince William at the age of ten go-karting at Buckmore Park ‘Playscape.’ The photo resulted in people comparing a young William’s smile to that of his daughter Charlotte, reported the Daily Mail.

The picture instantly caught the eye of a lot of royal fans, and in no time, it received over 14,000 likes. Quite a lot of royal watchers agreed both William and Charlotte looked somewhat like “twins.” One user commented: “Wow!!!! Now that’s twinning! She is the spitting image of her father in this photo.” Agreeing with the previous person, another added: “Wow she sure does look like her daddy here!!!” A third wrote: “mate they look identical.”

Few people would have noticed Princess Charlotte’s picture was the same one through which a lot of royal fans had speculated that the young royal was slowly and steadily, forming a stance similar to her great-grandmother, the Queen. The toddler was seen resting her hands together on her lap in the picture, just the way the Queen folded hers during the family portrait.

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