Snyder Cut Will Only Have Four Minutes Of New Footage, And A New Look For Joker

Remember when Zack Snyder made a big fuss about his cut of “Justice League” was absolutely, 100% done, only to then raise over $30 million in re-shoots to actually finish the film? Well, it turns out the re-shoots will add a very short amount of footage to the film’s already overly long runtime.

“I will say that in the end it’s going to probably be about four minutes or five minutes of additional photography for the entire movie,” Snyder said. “In the four hours that is ‘Justice League’, maybe four minutes.”

Let’s take a moment to really breathe this in. A much-talked-about, publicized director’s cut, with a higher budget for re-shoots and post-production than most movies ever get will only add four or five minutes of new footage. On the other hand, this is not entirely surprising. It was widely reported and known that, despite Snyder pushing the narrative that his cut was absolutely, completely done, it was still only raw footage. If this is the case, then the vast majority of the additional budget will go to post-production, including editing, sound, and reincorporating Junkie XL‘s score into the film.

Maybe those four minutes will be dedicated to Jared Leto and Joe Manganiello, since they are both reprising their roles in the Snyder Cut. In the interview, Snyder also teased a vastly different look for Leto’s Joker. “Some water has gone under the proverbial bridge between when last saw we saw Joker in this sort of appearance,” Snyder said. “He’s a road-weary Joker.”

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