Space Force fans just got the best news

According to THR, Netflix’s season 2 renewal came with a few budget saving tweaks that could actually benefit Space Force in the long run. The comedy is a Netflix show being made with a Netflix-sized budget, which led Yang to tell THR the show is “shot like a $100 million Marvel [movie]” in May 2020. But a big budget isn’t the key ingredient of a good sitcom, a good cast is.

Thankfully, Daniels and company may find themselves forced to rely less on the show’s sleek visuals and more on its stellar ensemble in season 2. Production on the series is set to move from Los Angeles to Vancouver in order to reduce the season 2 budget a bit. In turn, this could lead to a slightly different look and feel next season, which will be aided by some key creative changes behind the scenes, too.

In addition to the show’s relocation, Norm Hiscock is joining Daniels as the co-showrunner. Hiscock and Daniels previously collaborated on The Office and King of the Hill, and he’s written for Parks & Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Saturday Night Live. Additionally, standout cast-member Yang will not only star in season 2, he’ll also be joining the writing staff, as well. Both of these developments are exciting given the sheer comedic talent that Yang and Hiscock will bring to table.

Filming on the new season isn’t set to start until sometime in 2021, but these key changes and Daniels’ proven track record when it comes to turning good shows into great ones in their second seasons are reason enough to get excited about where Space Force might boldly go next.

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