Teresa Rivero, the widow of Ruiz Mateos, seriously admitted to a hospital in Madrid

Teresa Rivero, 85, and the widow of businessman José María Ruiz-Mateos, had to be admitted urgently and in serious condition to the Puerta de Hierro hospital in Majadahonda in Madrid. Although the hospital cannot confirm the extent of the patient’s situation, some media point out that her hip has been broken, but that she is also infected with covid and suffers from pneumonia, so her condition is even more delicate.

Rivero, who had moved to the Spanish capital a short time ago after residing a season in Jerez de la Frontera, was living in Boadilla del Monte, in the home of the fifth of her thirteen children after being evicted from her three homes, which are seized. Just a few weeks ago it was known that the Supreme Court had confirmed that Teresa Rivero should enter prison and that her sentence amounted to seven years, for a tax offense of eight million euros when she was in charge of the management team of Rayo Vallecano, in the years 2009 and 2010.

The last few years have not been easy for the former president of Rayo Vallecano. The loss of her husband in 2015 was added only two years later by the death of Socorro Ruiz-Mateos, the first-born of the marriage, after fighting for more than 15 years against leukemia.

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