The DoralResidencias de Mos center (Pontevedra) has 145 positives

According to the data offered this Saturday by the Consellería of Social Policy, this complex has reported 80 new cases among the elderly and 17 among people with disabilities, since it serves both groups. In addition, it has reported 34 new infections among its workers.

This residence, which has 217 users and 265 employees, counted only 14 positives until this Friday. Despite the increase registered in the last hours, the Minister for Social Policy, Fabiola García, has assured in statements to Radio Galega that the center “has all the necessary human and material resources”, so that for now there is no intervened by his Consellería.

Likewise, the global data provided by the Board reflect a rise in the number of nursing home users infected with coronavirus, adding a total of 97 elderly with a positive PCR. Apart from the 80 in Mos, there are 11 new ones at the San Salvador de Guntín residence, four at the CRAPD II in Vigo, one at Mi Casa de Ferrol and another at the Lecer dos Avoíños de Coles residence.

In seniors, four users who died throughout Friday and another 28 who have been discharged are removed from the calculation. More specifically, they have been cured of COVID four elderly people from DomusVi Ribadumia, seven from Fogar Residencial San Miguel de Silleda, five in Nosa Señora das Virtudes in Pontedeume, eight in the San Cibrao de Cervo residence, two in the Viana do Bolo geriatric hospital and two others in Nosa Señora Valvanera in Cambados .

With the data for this Saturday, Galicia has 449 users nursing homes for the elderly infected. In addition, the DoralResidencias de Mos center has become the main focus with 92 inmates who have tested positive, followed by DomusVi Ribadumia, with 67, and Nosa Señora das Virtudes de Pontedeume, with 43.

They also have large groups of seniors infected the Ballesol de Vigo (41), the residence of Salvaterra do Miño (31), the San Cibrao de Cervo (23), the Nosa Señora dos Milagres de Barbadás (20), the Nosa Señora dos Anxos de Ribadavia (19), the DomusVi Coruña (19), As Fragas de Pontedeume (12), the Olalla de Boqueixón residence (11) and the San Salvador de Guntín (11).


Regarding the workers of these centers, in the last 24 hours five positives have been detected – three in the San Salvador from Guntín, one in As Gándaras de Lugo and another in Mi Casa de Ferrol–, while an employee from Viana do Bolo and another from Nosa Señora Valvanera de Cambados have been discharged.

Thus, the total number of nursing home employees in all Galicia diagnosed with COVID-19 stands at 278, about 36 more than in the data of a day ago.

Downtown DoralResidencias de Mos y la Nosa Ms two Milagres de Babardás, with 36 positives both, are the main sources of coronavirus among the workforce. They are followed by DomusVi Ribadumia, with 29 infected workers, and Salvaterra, with 27.


For their part, the care centers for people with disability (CAPD) of Galicia have 46 infected users, after adding the 17 new positives from the Mos facilities.

To these must be added the 14 cases of the DomusVi Bóveda – three have been cured – and the 15 of the San Vicente de Paúl de Lugo center, which were already recorded in previous days.

On the part of the workers, after the discharge of two employees of DomusVi Bóveda, there are six positives in this same center, four in San Vicente de Paúl de Lugo and five that are distributed, respectively, between the Souto de Leixa residence in Ferrol, the Aspanaes center in As Pontes, the Domingo Gómez Freire residence in Ourense, Santa María de Ourense and the Chapela residence, in Redondela.

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