The real reason Todd Hoffman left Gold Rush

These days, Hoffman is wearing all kinds of hats. He owns his own production company, Zum Media, and hosts a podcast called The Toddcast, which he shares on his YouTube page. But perhaps most surprisingly, Hoffman revealed in 2018 his intention to pursue a singing career. His YouTube channel is home to numerous videos of his performances — and they’re pretty good!

“Who knows?” he said of his new career choice, according to The Oregonian. “Stranger things have happened. I want to break it big. I want to hit it out of the park.”

Hoffman has also apparently been unable to stay away from the world of gold mining for long. Not only was he working on getting another gold mining show on the air following his Gold Rush show, according to The Oregonian, but he also announced on Instagram earlier this year that he was thinking of getting back into mining.

He wrote in a September post, “Looking at a gold mine and believe it might be a play if we decide to go. It will take 1.5 million to step up and swing the ball and give it a try. Praying about it but I’m good either way. We would film unrepentantly and then sell the episodes and own them.”

In that same post, he also said that although he is unsure of what the future holds for his family, he has been enjoying “the time away from TV and the spotlight.”

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